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Do It Yourself

There’s nothing like walking into a room or an outdoor space and seeing something you did. Whether you built an outdoor kitchen or completely updated your living room fireplace, you did it. With your own bare hands. 

That’s impressive!

We want to help you get impressed more often by doing more DIY projects around the home or office. Whether it’s something small or a little more large-scale, we’d love to help you find the perfect project and then help you do it. We’ve got some great ideas about what you can do to not only improve your living space, but also improve the value of your property. 

Check out all of our DIY projects together or look through our categories to narrow it down! Let’s see if we can help you come up with some ideas on how to keep busy this weekend!

Learn About Firewood and How Firewood Burns

Finding and replacing items for your fireplace can be a difficult feat. You need serial numbers for certain types of fireplaces as well as parts. We are here to make this easy peasy for you! With this blog on your side, we are going to show you where to look and how to find serial numbers for your fireplace!

Are you looking to install a burner for your fire pit? There are so many choices and we want to help you find the right one! Our burner blog will get you there!

Fireplaces are for more than aesthetics! It's good to know how to use your fireplace for heating or food just in case you can't use the kitchen.

We want to help you reduce your carbon footprint and bring your fireplace green! We will go over information, tips, and how-tos, to help bring your fireplace to an eco-friendly status! 

You should enjoy your outdoor living space during the day and with a moon garden, you can at night too!

Tiki torches can make your garden more festive during summertime. Their flickering flames are not just exciting but comforting as well. Before installing and twisting them into your ground, consider the tiki torch tips we have here for a more appealing outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of developing your home. It is just as important to light up the outside of your home as it is the inside. Whether your home looks great inside or not, guests may feel less than welcome if your outdoor area isn’t well lit. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared for something like this. Correcting your...
What is an English Tudor Garden? Tudor gardening is a clear manifestation of how much the 16th-century aristocracy was fascinated with symbolism and geometric patterns. It’s architectural and gardening style dates back to the time of King Henry VII of England. The English Tudor gardens featured symmetrical patterns that could...

Wondering how to paint fireplace mesh or how to refinish an old fireplace screen? In our latest how-to video by the experts here at Fireplace Doors Online, see just how simple it is to paint a fireplace mesh curtain DIY-style! 

Double check your outdoor kitchen design layout one more time to make sure you've incorporated the following six things.

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