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Do It Yourself

There’s nothing like walking into a room or an outdoor space and seeing something you did. Whether you built an outdoor kitchen or completely updated your living room fireplace, you did it. With your own bare hands. 

That’s impressive!

We want to help you get impressed more often by doing more DIY projects around the home or office. Whether it’s something small or a little more large-scale, we’d love to help you find the perfect project and then help you do it. We’ve got some great ideas about what you can do to not only improve your living space, but also improve the value of your property. 

Check out all of our DIY projects together or look through our categories to narrow it down! Let’s see if we can help you come up with some ideas on how to keep busy this weekend!

Some of life's best moments are spent sitting outside next to the fire pit with friends and family. Before you can get there, you need to find the best burner system for your DIY feature. Whether you need a replacement burner or you're building a new fire pit from scratch, here's our complete guide to DIY fire pit burners. 

Tiki torches can make your garden more festive during summertime. Their flickering flames are not just exciting but comforting as well. Before installing and twisting them into your ground, consider the tiki torch tips we have here for a more appealing outdoor space.

Wondering how to paint fireplace mesh or how to refinish an old fireplace screen? In our latest how-to video by the experts here at Fireplace Doors Online, see just how simple it is to paint a fireplace mesh curtain DIY-style! 

In just five steps you can transform your pre-fab fireplace from drab to fab! We provide instructions, product ideas, and even recipes for all-natural cleaners to help you out!

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