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Safety & Maintenance

Part of owning well, anything, means some general upkeep. Read up on what you can do now to save yourself a headache and big expense later! 

A leaking gas valve can be potentially dangerous and pose hazards to you and your loved ones. Luckily, there’s an easy way to tell if your fireplace gas valve is leaking. Join us inside to learn more about your gas valve and ways to tell if it’s leaking. 

Let's talk about stainless steel. We want you to be prepared for what stainless steel can do when inside or outside. So...we put together all this knowledge in one place just for you! Check it out!

As the last few dog days of summer dwindle down, and the children rush off to school, the leaves will start to turn colors, and the temperatures will start to drop. When the crisp scent of Autumn pervades your senses, you might start to think about using your fireplace soon.  Fireplace Doors Online will help you to make sure your fireplace is ready for the winter season, by learning about your gas valve and how you can replace it if needed.

Fireplace Doors Online has some easy tips to help you with the proper cleaning and care of your gas log lighter! When the bonfire season has come to an end for your backyard fire pit, it is wise to make sure that ash buildup and soot is removed from your log starter. This ensures a well-running device that will continue to be safe to operate in your home!

The heating season is winding down and you’re giving your wood or pellet stove its last thorough cleaning when – uh oh! You notice a small crack on the exterior housing. While this may seem alarming at first, it may not be as some of us may think. Take a deep breath and let’s evaluate the situation together.

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