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The Decorative Gas Valve Key

The final component in our Gas Valve Assembly series...

...this decorative piece is the "key" in turning on your gas fire feature!

 Aug 28, 2017    Heating

The Decorative Gas Valve Key!How a decorative gas valve key works.The decorative gas valve key is an essential part of your valve assembly. We have a variety of beautiful Dante valve keys, available in different finishes and sizes. But what exactly does a gas valve key do? Read this informative article to find out more!


Besides boasting good looks in a variety of finishes, your valve key is an integral part of the valve assemblage. Without it, you would have no way to turn the gas supply to your fire feature on and off. Valve keys are used in conjunction with an escutcheon, which is located either on the wall next to your feature (it can be on the left or right-hand side) or on the floor next to your fireplace or fire pit:

The location of your escutcheon can be configured either way for both indoor and outdoor features, but it will really depend on the construction of your living space and how the gas lines are situated.     

Escutcheons installed into the wall on the left or right hand side of a fire feature.     Escutcheons can be found on the floor next to your fire feature, coining them "floor plates."

Valve keys can be used for a variety of different gas features: fireplaces, log lighters in outdoor wood burning fire pits, fire bowls, and fire tables. Simply insert the key into the escutcheon (which is the protective cover for your gas valve stem), then twist the key in order to open and close the valve. Remember to apply the rule "righty-tighty, lefty-loosey" - turning the key to the left will open the valve (turn on the gas). Afterward, you'll simply turn the key to the right to close the valve (shut off the gas).


Our Dante universal gas valve keys are made from Zamak #3 zinc die-cast alloy. It is the most widely used in North America, and is the first choice for many manufacturers when considering a zinc alloy for a couple of reasons:

  • It has the desired balance of both mechanical and physical properties (in other words - long term stability).
  • Excellent castability and finishing properties (for painting, chroming, and plating).

After the keys have been made, they are cast in a thermoplastic compound before being finalized in one of six finish colors (brass, flat black, chrome, antique copper, pewter, or satin nickel).


Depending on how much access you have to your key valve, you may need one of two sizes. If your escutcheon is well within reach and easily accessible, a 3-inch key would be perfect. However, if your access space is quite narrow, you may want to get an 8-inch key to make turning the valve easier.


Regardless of which size you choose (3 inch or 8 inch), these universal keys by Dante will fit both 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch stems on any of the gas ball valves that we offer.

Thanks for checking out our Gas Valve blog series and we hope that you'll browse through our collection of gas valve keys for your next gas feature project! On the other hand, if your key has been misplaced and you're looking for a new one, we have 3 and 8-inch fireplace keys in the array of finishes we mentioned above. 

Brass 8 inch universal key  Black 8 inch universal keyChrome 8 inch universal keyAntique Copper 8 inch universal keyPewter 8 inch universal keySatin Nickel 8 inch universal key
Last updated on March 7th 2022.


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