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Fireplace Door Suspension Bar 30 Inch

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Fireplace Door Suspension Bar 30 Inch

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A fireplace door suspension bar is a must-have necessity for units that do not have a hearth (sometimes coined "hole in the wall" fireplaces). This suspension bar is made of flexible 18 gauge steel, but don't let its naturally thin composition fool you! Once you fasten this component in place, this product becomes extremely stable, and strong enough to support your glass door enclosure. Our fireplace suspension bar is 30 inches long with a 3 3/16 inch upper platform (the side with the anchor holes) which is situated into your firebox opening and secured with the included hardware. The drop to the lower lip is 5/8 of an inch. This in-stock item is ready to ship free within 1 week from Fireplace Doors Online.

  • Material: 18 Gauge Flexible Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 30 Inches
  • Lower Lip (Door Sits On This): 5/8 Inch
  • Upper Platform (Inserts Into Firebox): 3 3/16 Inches
  • Drop (Upper Platform to Lower Lip): 5/8 Inch
  • Mounting: Hardware (Anchors) Included

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I have a large “hole in the wall” fireplace and I would like to be able to suspend a screen in front of the hole. The screen in 34 in wide. Do you have a suggestion?

Asked by Ramana Sidhaye  | 03-04-2018, 09:43 AM | 1 answer(s)

Hi, I ordered this product [1] but don't have a lot of experience with fireplaces. It came with all the mounting hardware and bar, but not much in the way of directions. So, do I simply drill a hole of the correct width/depth into the brick and drop the bolt down? Is there something I should use to seal the bolt in place? Thanks! -Joel

Asked by Joel | 02-15-2018, 10:21 PM | 1 answer(s)
Last updated on January 10th 2019.