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Blowers and Why You Should Have One

 Nov 7, 2019    Inside the Firebox, Upgrading Your Home, Classic Wood Burning Fireplaces, Easy Gas Fireplaces

Blower For Your Fireplace

Having a fireplace is a great idea, no argument from us. It not only increases your home’s value, but it also helps keep it warmer. Want to know how to make it a more effective heating device? A fireplace blower! Get the low-down on this fireplace accessory and why you’re missing out if you haven’t already invested in one.


What is a Fireplace Blower & What Does It Do?

A blower, or fireplace fan, is an electric device that goes into the firebox so that your fireplace is more efficient. A blower uses a little electricity to channel the heat from the fire back into the room without the accompanying smoke.

Fireplaces are beautiful, but it's important to make it work for you! A blower can reduce your heating costs in the winter and make your fireplace more efficient.

Still not sure what it is or even what type you need? Ask Chris! Our new Ask Chris feature lets you submit these kinds of questions directly to the founder of the company and the expert on fireplaces himself! Simply click the link above, or copy and paste the information at the bottom of the page into your ‘To:’ bar.


Why You Should Have One

That’s great, but why should you have one? Well, because it increases the efficiency of your fireplace. Without a blower or fireplace fan, a significant amount of heat is lost. It’ll keep the firebox and your chimney comfortable in the middle of winter, but not your home like it’s supposed to.

The heat that would otherwise be lost is instead rerouted back into your living area so that your heat pump doesn’t have to work quite so hard to keep your home comfortable. It’s also great for zone heating if your priority is the living room.

Increasing the amount of heat that goes into your living area obviously works to keep you and your family warmer. But, it also reduces your need to use more oil or electricity so much that it offsets the amount of electricity the blower uses. Though it won’t work in a power outage (without a generator at least), it is a great choice for your day to day heating needs.


Things to Consider

Though it’ a great fire product choice to include in your fireplace, there are a few things to consider.

First, there’s compatibility

 It’s important to know what your fireplace needs before you begin searching for a fireplace fan. Not all blowers are universal and not all companies have a return policy. (We do, and you can check it out in the link ‘Returns’ at the bottom of the page!) You need to be sure that you know what you’re looking for before you start looking.

Do you have an outlet nearby?

This is a big one that a lot of people tend to miss. Most fireplace blowers need power to operate- as a matter of fact, if you see one that doesn’t please let us know!

Are you able to actually install it?

When your manufactured fireplace is first installed there’s a good chance that you can install a fireplace blower then, but once everything is done this may no longer be an option. Make sure it’s possible to install a fireplace fan, and also that there’s enough room in the firebox for mounting the fire product.

We have some great options when it comes to fireplace blowers so, whether it’s time to make your existing fireplace more efficient or even install a new fireplace insert (complete with a blower) we’re here to help! Check out some of our products as well as our DIY section to see if we can help you get your home more fuel-efficient today.

Last updated on September 17th 2020.


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