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36 Inch Tropical Moon Gas Fire Pit

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This product has a wood fuel variation, see under the Wood Fire Pit category.

Friends and family will want to gather around the comfort of the Tropical Moon Gas Fire Pit.  If you are searching for a sturdy yet elegant fire pit, then the Tropical Moon just may be the one for you!  Just picture yourself on a tropical beach by moonlight; the view is breathtaking and the air is warm.  This fire pit is designed with that image in mind, and it will give you and your guests happiness and satisfaction while illuminating the cut-out palm trees and crescent moons with fire.  It is handcrafted in the United States, made out of sturdy carbon steel and is finished in iron oxide patina.  This fire pit is exceptionally durable, with a 1/4" metal thickness, and requires no maintenance.  The interior is hand rolled with a dense high temperature resistant coating to provide you with the most hassle-free and enjoyable fire experience.

The gas version of the tropical moon fire pit comes with HPC's 24" Penta Burner capable of producing 200,000 BTU's for a full uniform campfire effect. Penta burner comes with a lifetime warranty. The gas packages include a whistle free flex line, Dante valve and chrome escutcheon with key and lava rock.

Match Lit System:
Lifetime warranty Penta burner, gas package and lava rock.

AWEIS System:
All Weather Electronic Ignition System with flame sensing technology. Kit comes with fire module, heat shield and 24 Volt AC Transformer. The residential all-weather electronic ignition system (AWEIS) is a favorite among customers and contractors alike! This natural gas or propane fueled outdoor electronic ignition is compact enough to fit into smaller fire features. Use it confidently in breezy or misty conditions. A maximum output of 290,000 BTU's per hour allows you to debut an astonishing performance in your shallow fire bowl or other fire display. Get this versatile all weather electronic ignition system! The AWEIS comes with a heat shield and its use is optional. 1 year limited warranty.

Add a spark guard to your fire pit to protect yourself and your surroundings from stray embers.  Our spark guards are handcrafted from heavy stainless steel mesh with 2 inch 304 stainless steel bands to exclusively fit our artisan fire pits.  All guards are painted with black high temperature paint and come with four handles mounted on the lower flame ring.

  • Material:  1/4" Thick Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish:  Iron Oxide
  • Fuel Type:  Natrual Gas | Liquid Propane
  • Burner Type: 24 Inch Penta Burner
  • Burner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Burner BTU: 200,000
  • Gas Line: 1/2"
  • Lava Rock: 60 lbs
  • Fire Bowl Diameter:  36 Inches
  • Product Height:  24 Inches
  • Base Diameter:  19 Inches
  • Base Height:  6 Inches
  • Weight:  165 Pounds 


  • Control Box Material: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Max BTU/Hour: 290,000
  • Ignition Type: Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition (Glow Plug)
  • Ignition Sequence: Intermittent 
  • Ignition Source: Single Pilot
  • Flame/Heat Sense: Thermopile
  • Voltage: 24 Volts AC
  • Height: 4.38 Inch
  • Width: 4.38 Inch
  • Length: 4.38 Inch
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 1/2 Inch FIP
  • PSI Required: 0.5 psi
  • Certifications: ANSI Z21.97-2014 | CSA 2.41-2014 | CSA C22.2 No. 3-M1998 (R2014)

Manufacturer's Warranty

All fire pit components excluding gas components are warranted for a period of 10 years after date of purchase by the original owner.

Any returns sent back must be sent via prepaid freight and in the original retail packaging. 

Proof of purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered.  The sales receipt is the only valid proof of purchase. 

Artisan Spark Guard Warranty

Artisan Spark Guards are handcrafted to fit and no returns are accepted if they are purchased to fit any other product.  All though we use very heavy mesh screen it is susceptible to the high direct heat of the fire pit.  Longevity is determined by the frequency and intensity of the fires and will be different for every user. 

Although it may rust the fire screen material is guaranteed for sixty days against failure, the frame work is guaranteed for ten years with proof of purchase and would be shipped back prepaid to the manufacturer.

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Last updated on January 9th 2024.



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