Product Lead Times Explained

Given the existence of the coronavirus pandemic, Fireplace Doors Online will use its best efforts to manufacture, staff and service this project to meet the scheduled delivery date(s). However, Fireplace Doors Online reserves its right to extend the delivery date/time if Fireplace Doors Online is unable to perform or its subcontractors or suppliers fail to perform on time due to illness, supply shortages or governmental restraints on business, travel and/or assembly. In the event of such a suspension/delay, Fireplace Doors Online shall not be in default for failure to perform and shall not be liable for loss, damage, detention or delay

"Ships in or Fabrication Time" gives you an idea when the item should leave our warehouse or the manufacturers. Please allow additional time for shipping and transit.

The "Ships in or Fabrication Time" can change without notice due to high demand, backup at the manufacturer, stock availability, packing, etc.

Even if you received FREE or DISCOUNTED shipping, shipping did have some cost, and that cost is non-refundable

Last updated on December 13th 2020.