Tapered Steel Fireplace Grate 20 Inch

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Tapered Steel Fireplace Grate

This steel fireplace grate is ideal for keeping your logs where they should be . With a depth of 16 inches, it’s made for a larger fireplace and is made of extra heavy diamond steel stock. It’s a strong, long lasting fireplace grate that is built to last. With this fireplace grate, not only will it help you have a more beautiful fireplace, but the circulate air around your burning wood will increase. This means your fireplace puts off more heat and burns longer as well as more efficiently.

  • Material: Steel 
  • Clearance: 4-1/2 Inches 
  • Front Width: 20-1/2 Inches 
  • Back Width: 17-1/2 Inches 
  • Depth: 16 Inches 
  • Weight: 24 Pounds 
  • Number Of Bars: 6

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Last updated on June 19th 2018.