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Standard Size / Fixed Size Masonry Doors

Fremont Standard Masonry Fireplace DoorMost of the masonry fireplace doors that you see on our website are fully-custom doors that are made to fit your specific fireplace opening, which means that they can take a little while to make. These fixed size fireplace doors are an excellent alternative that can save you time and money when selecting the right door for your fireplace. We even have fixed size doors made to fit a range of sizes, the fixed size doors that we have will be compatible with most traditional masonry fireplaces. Before browsing through our catalog of doors, you will want to know the opening dimensions of your fireplace. Click here for a guide to measuring. 

Once you have your fireplace’s opening dimensions, you’re ready to look through the many fixed size doors that we have available! Fireplace door replacement doesn't have to be difficult, and our website is built to make sure you purchase a compatible fireplace door!

When you click on a door that you would like to see in more detail, the sizing for the door is displayed just to the right of the main product image. You’ll notice that this sizing is either a few different size ranges that you can choose from based on your opening dimensions, or there are drop-down menus where you can select your opening dimensions. 

Once you select your opening dimensions from those drop-downs, you’ll see an ‘overall dimension’ listed just below where you make that selection. This shows the overall size of the door. You will want to make sure that this overall dimension of the door is at least 2 ½” wider, and 1 ½” taller than the opening dimensions of your fireplace. 

This additional amount is considered the overlap of the door, the amount of the frame that will overlap around the outside of the fireplace opening at the top and sides. Fireplace glass doors can overlap by varying amounts depending on the manufacturer and frame profile.

While the overlap amount above is our first recommendation, a door could still work with less overlap, we would just need to get a better look at your specific fireplace to be sure. Click here to send us a photo and some information about your fireplace and receive a free quote. You can include a note about the doors that you are most interested in, as well. 

Once you’ve found a door that will fit your fireplace well, you can choose from whatever optional selections are available, such as mesh, glass tint, and even the finish of some doors. If you decide that you would like to customize your door more than what you can with the fixed size door that you’re looking at, you may want to consider a custom door that can be made to fit your fireplace and home perfectly. Click here to browse through our custom fireplace door options.


Q: What kind of fireplace door do I need for my brick fireplace?

  • A: The most common type of door for brick fireplace is an overlap door, which has a portion of its frame that overlaps around the outside of the fireplace opening. These doors can often be used with flat stone, tile, marble, and granite fireplaces, as well. 

Q: What kind of fireplace door do I need for a metal fireplace?

  • A: While there are some masonry fireplaces that have metal fireboxes, the vast majority of metal fireplaces are prefabricated zero clearance models, which require doors made specifically for those kinds of fireplaces. Click here to see our different prefabricated fireplace doors.

Q: What if I can’t tell what kind of fireplace I have?

  • A: If you’re in the market for fireplace doors, why not let us do some of the leg work for you? Click here to submit a Snapshot Quote form, which will allow us to get some information about what you have and what you’re looking for. There is a spot for you to upload a couple of photos of your fireplace, and a notes section where you can let us know what concerns you have, or what you’re most interested in.