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Is a Fire Urn Just the Thing for Your Home?

 Aug 15, 2019    Outdoor Living

Do you enjoy a good fireplace but would rather have one that brings the whole family together? If so, a fire urn may be just what you need! 

Fire urns are easy to acquire, use, and maintain. However, it is always best to know exactly what you’re getting before buying it. 

With that in mind, we’ve answered some of the more common questions that come with buying a fire urn, all right here in one place. So, sit back and learn all that you need to know to determine whether a fire urn is just the thing for your home or not! 

What is a Fire Urn?

A fire urn is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of the traditional open fire pit, you have a tall urn-shaped object. Fire urns tend to use natural gas or liquid propane, allowing you to connect them to your home gas outlet if you have one. 

If you don’t, you can always use a gas canister, provided you make sure it is placed in a safe location. 

How does a Fire Urn Work?

Once your fire urn is set up, there are two different ways to light it. Some fire urns have an electric ignition system, while others are manually ignited. 

For those of you that choose a fire urn with an electric ignition system, make sure you leave the cover over it whenever there’s a chance for rain. Most systems are well protected, but it is better to be safe than sorry. In fact, we recommend using your fire urn cover any time you are not actively using it. 

Good fire urns will have an emergency shut-off valve between the main gas line and the fire urn. This shut-off valve provides the necessary security to keep your fire urn from burning too brightly.

Baston Pillar Gas Fire Pit

What are the Best Materials for a Fire Urn? Bastille Fire Tower - Hammered Copper

Our favorite choice of material is copper. However, bronze and stainless steel are good choices as well. 

If you hadn’t already noticed, the best fire urns are made of metal. Copper is a better choice because even if it is a metal, it doesn’t conduct heat as quickly, keeping the fire urn from overheating while lit. 

Bronze works well too as it is more water-resistant than other metals. Corrosion from any nearby water source will not affect bronze as quickly. That being said, you shouldn’t allow your fire urn to be exposed to water sources if possible, to prevent corrosion from happening at all. 

Where can You Safely Place a Fire Urn?

Obviously, fire urns are for outdoor use. You should never place a device with an open flame indoors unless you have the necessary protective materials to do so. 

A fire urn is best kept on your outdoor patio. You can place it in a number of convenient but safe locations. One of the most common places to keep a fire urn is on your outdoor table. Obviously, it should be kept away from the edge of the table. Generally, it is best kept in the very center, so that everyone can view it equally without risking being too close to it. 

You can also keep your fire urn on the ground near various edges of your patio. It is best not to place it somewhere that it could easily be missed and tripped over. You can place it on a handrail or next to the wall, if possible. 

Wherever you end up placing it, just ensure that no children are unsupervised while it is active. Regardless of how well you teach them, children are almost always fascinated by the sight of fire!

How Much Does a Decent Fire Urn Cost?

Some fire urns are incredibly cheap. However, if you want a decent, long-lasting fire urn, you should be looking into high-quality, metal ones. These tend to start at around $1500-$2000 if you really want one that will last. 

However, if you’re looking for the best-looking and highest-quality type of fire urn, you’ll want to set aside something closer to $8000. Of course, all fire urns within these prices should be fantastic. So long as you ensure the authenticity of the seller, you should find yourself with a fabulous fire urn in no time at all!

Take a look at what we have to offer and see which fire urn fits your need best!

Last updated on July 17th 2023.


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