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Rustic Fireplace Doors

Edison Rustic Masonry Fireplace DoorIn many homes, modern decor would be as out of place as an electric scooter in the wild west. Whether you’re looking to reclaim some of the rustic roots of your home, or add a touch of old-world style for the first time, we have a collection of rustic fireplace doors that you will love! Depending on your decor you may want something with a cast iron fireplace door appearance, while we don't have any fireplace doors made out of cast iron we do have many different options made from solid steel that also have hammered finishes to give you that rustic and weathered style.

The many rustic fireplace doors that we offer are some of our most intricately-detailed doors, and some of the sturdiest! These doors have heavy steel frames, making them a wise investment for many decades to come. Wrought iron fireplace doors can play a pivotal role in transforming your fireplace's appearance!

Tough as they are, our rustic fireplace doors are just as elegant and customizable! Many of the doors in this collection offer frames and finishes that capture the classic look of old-world craftsmanship. Choose from doors that boast hammered and forged steel, powder coat and natural-toned finishes, and a surprising variety door and glass designs! Some people also refer to this style as farmhouse fireplace doors which we find fitting! No matter what niche rustic style you are looking for, we have the biggest selection to choose from online. If you need assistance ordering or choosing a compatible door we have a talented customer service team that is ready to help!

You’ll still be able to enjoy the modern-day options that are available for most of our other custom fireplace doors, such as tinted glass, cabinet or bifold doors, and spark-protecting mesh. Some of our rustic doors even offer easy-mounting options using pressure screws!

Check out the hardware!

On many of these fireplace doors, the best customizable features are the hardware pieces that help the door to operate well. A huge selection of handles are available for many of these classic-style doors, handles that make a statement as they lend their doors an air of authenticity. The door hinges, themselves, add an antique charm to the doors, acting as the perfect complementary accents.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Add some finishing touches to your fireplace for the complete rustic look that you’re after. We offer a multitude of different hearth accessories, including firebacks, hearth rugs, log holders, and andirons.

If you give yourself a fire, you’re going to need some tools. Our collection of basic tool sets includes nearly thirty different sets, each with their own unique design. Some of these tool sets can even have a custom finish applied to match or complement your new door! We also have stainless steel tool sets for your outdoor fireplace.

If you’re after something a little more than just a basic set of tools, you could consider one of our hearth centers, which includes a log holder and a toolset. These hearth centers are an excellent way to meet your fireplace needs in a stylish way!


Q: Are fireplace doors necessary?

  • A: Fireplace doors are not necessary for your fireplace to function. The purpose of a fireplace door is to add style to your fireplace. They also can assist in the heat distribution in your home as well as keep debris inside the fireplace.

Q: Can fireplace doors be closed?

  • A: You can close the doors on your fireplace if you have ceramic glass installed. Ceramic glass can withstand the heat of your fireplace without shattering.

Q: Can you replace fireplace doors?

  • A: Yes! Fireplace doors can be updated at any time. You will just need to measure your fireplace in order to get the correct fit for your doors. It is best to get your measurements first then shop for your doors. You can find doors that are pre-made to fit a fireplace or you can get custom doors. Custom doors are a better option as they will be made to fit your fireplace per your measurements.