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Hearth Accessories

Fireplaces are the heart of your home. A perfect place to gather and bring your family closer together while enjoying the relaxing fire. The only thing that could make this situation even more perfect? Hearth accessories! These items are all designed to be useful and stylish within your home. Hearth accessories are perfect for bringing life to your fireplace with your personalized décor!

There are many options in finishes, styles, and sizes to ensure the perfect fit for the heart of your home. Take a look at all we have to offer!

Fireplace Hoods

Deflect heat coming from your fireplace and prevent it from causing damage to your mantel by installing a fireplace heat deflector. There are several advantages when you have a fireplace heat deflector for your fireplace; it’s more than just a nice decorative accent to your fireplace!. Apart from shielding your mantel from excessive heat, having a fireplace heat deflector installed also makes maintenance easier, optimizes heat efficiency, and provides a safer environment for you and your family. 

Fireplace Grates

Our collection of wood-burning fireplace grates are made from heavy-duty metal stock to ensure a stronger, longer-lasting product! Keep your logs elevated above the floor in your firebox and promote better air circulation for a hotter, more efficient burn. Our cast iron and steel grates also allow coals to develop underneath as the wood burns, which further contributes to the warmth you'll experience! Choose from a number of sizes and styles to suit your needs. These affordable fireplace grates are a terrific addition to any wood burning masonry or zero-clearance unit!


Our hearth crickets are made of solid brass so you won’t have to worry about an errant spark ruining them. One has a polished brass finish that’ll shine brightly when the fire is going while the other, Lady Verdigris, has a patina inspired finish that’ll blend in beautifully with any one of our old world fireplace doors!

Fireplace Tool Sets

Stainless steel has a very clean look to it and makes the perfect choice for modern fireplace décor. But, it’s more than just pretty, it also holds up to the elements well! Stainless steel is designed to withstand every season of the year without rusting or breaking, so these stainless steel tool sets are perfect for your outdoor living space. Some of our steel fireplace tools are ultra-modern with minimalist design while others are abstract fireplace tools. 

Fireplace Doors

What type of fireplace do you have: masonry or prefab? This can be difficult for some people to determine. Remember - just because the exterior of your fireplace features stone, rock, brick, or tile - this doesn't necessarily mean it is a masonry fireplace. The firebox and chimney are what determines masonry from the prefab. Click on the fireplace door link to help determine and shop for your perfect doors!

Hearth Rugs

Fireplace Hearth rugs are a great addition to any fireplace, but particularly wood-burning ones. Open wood-burning fireplaces can emit sparks and embers that escape from your firebox. It’s important to protect your hearth and floors from a potential threat while matching the current style of your living space. You can be sure to find the right hearth rug with our wide range of colors, patterns, and styles available.

Draft Blocker

A draft blocker can stop the cold air outside from coming down the chimney and into your home. In those hot summer months, it can also prevent you’re A/C from overworking by blocking cool air from escaping due to an open fireplace. 

Log Holders

Having a high-quality log holder will prevent mishaps like the one above and save a potential visit to the podiatrist. Plus, it looks a lot better to have your dried cut wood neatly placed in a wrought iron log holder than to have it haphazardly lying next to the fireplace. If an old-world toolset wouldn’t quite blend in with your modern home, our stain log holder would be the perfect addition to your clean-cut, ultra-contemporary fireplace décor.

Fireplace Gloves

Protect your hands from the flames when stacking firewood with our stylish hearth gloves! Heavy-duty suede keeps hands shielded from the heat while a soft inner lining adds an element of comfort. These fireproof gloves are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and designs for both men and women! Now you can tend to the fire and adjust your firewood without having to worry about injuring your hands. These heat resistant gloves make wonderful gifts for the fire stoker in your household.


Sometimes you just aren’t ready for the fire to die down. Bellows are a great way to help start a fire or to bring life back to a dying fire!  There are several styles we have available ranging from economical bellows to hand-carved ones with a one of a kind, gorgeous look! You can go with something simple that’ll fit in with your modern décor or an antique fireplace bellow—or at least one that has the look!