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Hearth Accessories

Just when you think your fireplace can’t get any cozier, we’re bringing you a vast collection of fireplace accessories that can truly amplify this warm corner of your home!

Fireplace accessories do not only make your fireplace attractive, but they also contain important tools for maintenance to make sure your family stays safe as you gather near the hearth.

Fireplace accessories are an essential part of having a fireplace.

They make your work a lot easier, save you time and provide a safer environment. Whether you’re burning firewood, cooking food over a wood stove or just performing general cleanup of your fireplace area, these fire accessories are a great addition!

Just because your fireplace accessory collection is functional, that doesn’t mean it can’t beautify your living area. Here at Fireplace Doors Online, our beautiful fireplace accessories not only make life easier with the more efficient clean up, but they also enhance your fireplace hearth!

But beware, as you explore our broad collection of different types of fireplace accessories, you may easily get overwhelmed trying to choose which ones will perfectly match your fireplace décor!

Not sure? Our team of professional experts are more than willing to help you out in choosing what type of accessories suit your style and needs. However, meanwhile, let’s take a look at a quick guide on what to carefully consider when choosing fireplace accessories!

Remember, Safety First

There are a lot of benefits to having a nice, cozy fireplace in your home. Not only does it make your home a lot more stylish, but it also serves as a way to help heat your home – especially during cold winter nights.

But it’s important to remember that it can also harbor potential dangers, particularly if it’s not properly installed and if it doesn’t have the right accessories to prevent those risks.

In line with this, it is very important to have a full understanding of how fireplace accessories work and why it’s important that you have them. From conventional fireplaces to modernized ones – we’ve got you covered!

When you’re selecting the perfect fireplace accessory for your fireplace, you must pick the right one for your needs. Ask yourself this:

  • What kind of fire product do you have?
  • What kind if fire accessory best matches up with it, and
  • Do you want to update your fireplace to a whole new style, or keep with your present fireplace decor?

Something that looks good and enhances the beauty of your home is a great idea, but if it isn’t the right tool for the job, it could potentially cause a fire or damage to your fireplace. This is why the right fireplace accessory is so important. Plus, if you went on to choose a poorly made product or the wrong one all together, you will only end up losing money since low-quality products won’t last long! Our affordable fireplace tool sets keep you within your budget and they’ll last for years to come.

It will be worth every penny because we offer such high-quality fireplace products. Our collection is so vast that we pretty much guarantee that you’ll find fireplace tool sets, log holders and many other fireplace accessories that’ll perfectly match your unique fireplace décor!

Buying Guide for Your Fireplace Accessory Collection:

Our fireplace tool sets generally include:

Be sure to check our wide selection of unique fireplace accessories that will surely meet your style and preference. If you are still not so sure with the right fireplace toolset you need, contact us and our team of experts will guide you to the right options.

Another essential detail to consider is the design. As long as the fireplace accessories you are planning to purchase work for your needs, it all comes down to personal preference.

Not only should it fit your budget and needs, but your fireplace accessory collection should also match the overall style of your home and your personality. Don’t hesitate to dive into the details – it’s going to have a significant effect on how your fireplace will look!

Explore our vast assortment of hearth accessories including beautiful fireplace decors to fully optimize your fireplace! Our variety of accessories range from:

  1. KEEP A BUDGET. It’s important to keep to your budget, however it’s also important to remember that cheap doesn’t typically equal quality.

    Fireplace tool sets differ in price. Item prices may range from low-cost to high depending on the brand, material, craftsmanship, and size. It might be tempting to look somewhere else with a lower price tag, but we provide high quality, stylish fireplace accessories that’ll save you money because this time next year, you won’t be buying them again.

  2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TOOLS. Determine the tools you need. You will have to consider the type and size of your fireplace as not all fireplaces or fire products (such as stoves) need a fireplace toolset. On the other hand, if you would like to give your gas fireplace a more authentic look, it’s also a good idea to buy a set just for show.
    • a poker to help promote better burning
    • a brush for cleaning around the fireplace and in the firebox
    • a shovel for the ashes
    • and a stylish stand to keep your tools in one place.
  3. PREPARE A PLAN FOR DESIGN AND MATERIALS. It is important to choose the right materials of your fireplace accessories and tools. For your outdoor fireplace, for example, you need either stainless steel fireplace tool sets or one made from another material that can weather the outdoors. The quality of materials used to manufacture them will determine how well they perform, how long they will last, as well as the value for money it brings you.

Depending on the type of fireplace you have and how you’d like to use it, we have a nice selection of fireplace accessories for you. Here’s a quick and easy to follow the guideline for you to easily determine which ones will be right for your fireplace.

Some think adding a fireplace spark screen would compromise the design and style, most particularly for modern fireplaces. Well, worry no more because with our vast collection ranging from classic to modern designs, you will surely find something that will look good on your fireplace! Check out our extensive line of fireplace screen styles and click on the picture that matches what you're looking for - we'll get you to the right place!

Our zero clearance and masonry fireplace grates are top of the line and high quality. We carefully inspect the fireplace grates we sell and when they pass our tests, we add them to our collection. Our wide series of fireplace grates are made of steel, cast iron, and stainless steel to make ensure fine durability and quality.

Depending on the type of fire appliance you have, you’ll need different types of fireplace tool sets to cater to your needs and preferences. We’re sure that you’ll find something to match your current livingroom decor with a nice selection of styles and finishes available in our broad collection of premium fireplace toolsets. We also have stove toolsets and stainless-steel fireplace tool sets for your outdoor fireplace.

For traditional yet functional fireplace decor, how about adding a wood bellow to your hearth decor and stoke up the flames of your fire? A top tier hearth bellow can help keep the fire going according to how warm you’d like the room. Npt only that, but we also have other great options when it comes to fireplace décor that can amplify the efficiency and design of your fireplace.

And have you seen our company cricket, Sir Jazzalot, around in our blogs and monthly mantels? You should check him out! Get your charming hearth cricket here.

Our fire-resistant gloves are very convenient to wear and at the same time also very durable so, they’ll protect your hands from the dangers of tending to your fireplace. With these premium fireplace gloves on, you can freely stack firewood without worrying about getting burnt by the flames!

With the right cleaning products, you can make your fireplace look good as new every time you clean! Remove soot and creosote, polish up your stove, and clean dirty wood stove glass with the array of high-quality products available here at Fireplace Doors Online. You'll find the best cleaning products, gaskets, mortar, and catalytic combustors for your minor fire feature maintenance needs in our fireplace hardware collection.

Not sure how to clean your fireplace? That’s alright, it can be complicated! You can head over to our safety and maintenance blog posts, or check out some individual articles below that talk about maintaining the look and safety of your fireplace!

  1. FIREPLACE SPARK SCREENS. Keep your furnishings and loved ones protected from
    sparks and embers! Many people tend to overlook the utmost importance of adding spark screens to their fireplaces. However, installing this to your existing fireplace will make a ton of difference in terms of heat efficiency and safety.
  2. FIREPLACE GRATES. Fireplace grates are more beneficial than most people think, so it’s important to neversettle for a substandard, cheap fireplace grate! This will fully optimize your burning fire to make your room warmer and thus, lower your heating bill in the winter. A premium type of grate will help promote a hotter and more efficient burn in your firebox as grates allow the air to circulate under the logs. You can read more about the importance of your fireplace burning efficiently—and burning the right items—in our blog post titled “Five Tips for Preventing Chimney Fires".
  3. FIREPLACE TOOL SETS. Keep your wood fireplace clean and tend the fire while decorating your hearth with our fireplace toolsets. We talked about why fireplace tool sets are important to maintaining your fireplace, but they also give a nice, stylish touch to your cozy corner. Our styles vary in different designs that will look perfect beside your fireplace.
  4. LOG HOLDERS. Don’t just let your fire logs messily lie around! Not only does this look untidy, but it can also potentially be dangerous for you and your household. Keep a small stock of wood handy next to the fireplace with any one of our decorative and functional log holders. We have a great selection of top-quality log holders to choose from – ranging from timelessly classic designs to stylish, modern log holders that’ll look perfect with your contemporary fireplace décor! You'll also find log carts and log carriers in this section as well.

  5. HEARTH RUGS. Here’s a great way to make your fireplace a lot fancier and much more cozy. Accessorize your fireplace with a hearth rug and protect the hearth directly in front of the firebox from straying sparks and rolling logs. Our fireplace rugs come in a wide variety of designs for you to choose from so you can find something that suits your style. You also don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning them because these rugs are pretty easy to maintain. They're washable!

  6. BELLOWS AND FIREPLACE DECOR. Just when you think decorating your fireplace is limited to just a few accessories, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making it look more stylish! Apart from that, adding accessories such as hearth bellows serve useful functions as well.

  7. FIREPLACE GLOVES. Shield your hands and arms from splinters and burns when feeding the fire with these heat resistant gloves. When it comes to shopping for a pair of fireplace gloves, it’s important to prioritize quality. Poorly made fireplace gloves sacrifice safety, that’s why we sell only the best high quality fireplace gloves in the industry!
  8. FIREPLACE HOODS. Protect your mantel from the heat of the firebox with a fireplace hood. For many years it’s been a tradition to decorate your mantel with photos, figurines and pricless keepsakes.

    Without a durable, high-quality fireplace hood, you may end up getting burn marks on your mantel. Or, it could lead to damage surrounding your fireplace if the flame gets too hot.

  9. LEANING PRODUCTS. Here’s another very important thing that many fireplace owners often forget that they need. Water and cleaning detergents are not enough to make your fireplace and hearth floor squeaky clean!