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Hearth Accessories

Hearth accessories are usually something that you have a need for or things you would just like to have. Some items also make great gifts for those that have a stove or fireplace.

Firebacks have made a strong comeback. They retain the heat from the fireplace and radiate that heat into the room when the fire dies out at the end of the evening. Sometimes people will buy them to hide old, dirty or cracked masonry or bricks. There are many styles and materials to choose from.

Log holders can be just the basic, serviceable log holder or you can choose from not only serviceable but decorative, elegant, modern, craftsman or whatever your style. There are log holders to match tool sets and even your fireplace door.

Heart rugs are a great way to add color and style to the hearth area of your fireplace. These hearth rugs are also fire resistant. They come in several sizes and in half round or rectangular. Always a great gift!

Steamers have been a way to add moisture to the air during the dry, winter months. Some people will add potpourri, essential oils or fragrance. Imagine the scent of spiced apples or oranges.  These steamers will not be harmed if they run dry and will not rust. We have paired these steamer pots with a matching trivet to use with the pots or for your kitchen or dining table.

The fireplace or hearth cricket has been a symbol of good luck and good fortune for centuries. The cricket is an attractive hearth adornment that is also a conversation piece.

The draft blocker comes in two sizes that is effective to block cold air coming down the chimney and warm room air from going up the chimney. Heavy duty magnets keep it secured. For masonry fireplace, use your screen to hold the draft blocker in place.