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Arlington Zero Clearance Fireplace Glass Door

You may need to remove the track to install the fireplace door, so measure accordingly. You will need to measure the fireplace opening in three different places, both vertically and horizontally to the nearest 1/16". Enter the smallest size into the price calculator.


INSIDE FIT (inside firebox opening)

When the fireplace door is smaller than the opening of the fireplace, and fits inside the fireplace opening. Measure the width and height of the inner steel opening where the fireplace door will fit. This will be the same position that the fireplace manufacturer's door was installed. DO NOT measure the finishing material in front of the fireplace (brick, stone, marble, tile, etc). Always use the exact MINIMUM measurements for both height and width when ordering a replacement fireplace door.


DO NOT make adjustments to sizes, we need the EXACT OPENING size


Size Range For Pricing: Up To 35.9375"W and Up To33"H

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Manufacturer DOES NOT provide any warranty on glass! Warranty does not include defects caused by improper use or operation of the fireplace glass door.
If no images are submitted with your order, it will be placed on hold until we receive a photo of your fireplace. Please send your image to [email protected].

The Arlington Zero Clearance Fireplace Glass Door: A Budget-Friendly and Stylish Solution for Factory-Built Wood Burning Fireplaces. Elevate the visual allure of your prefab fireplace with the Arlington Glass Fireplace Door, meticulously crafted for an inside fit that seamlessly complements factory-built wood-burning fireplaces. This cost-effective option presents a sleek and unobtrusive design, effortlessly enhancing your home's decor.


Versatile Design: The Arlington glass fireplace door is the ideal solution for zero clearance fireplaces, blending affordability with a sleek and unobtrusive design.

Color Options: Choose from a wide range of durable powder coat colors to match and enhance your home decor, adding a personalized touch to your fireplace setting.

Construction: Crafted from extruded aluminum, the Arlington enclosure by Portland Willamette is not only slim and heat-resistant but also highly durable.

Glass Options: The door features 3/16" clear tempered safety glass as standard. You have the option to customize further with grey or bronze-tinted glass for a distinctive look.

Door Styles: Select between trackless bi-fold doors or opt for the cabinet-style doors, providing a clear and ample viewing area, enhancing your fireplace experience.

Handles: The Arlington door comes with contemporary style handles for easy opening and closing, adding a touch of modernity to your fireplace setting.

Installation Ease: Designed for convenience, this inside fit zero clearance fireplace door is easy to install. Choose between screw holes through the frame or easy mount brackets. Mounting hardware is included for a hassle-free setup.

Elevate your fireplace experience with the Arlington Glass Fireplace Door—an affordable, stylish, and easy-to-install solution for your factory-built wood-burning fireplace.


  • Fireplace Type: Prefab Wood Fireplaces or Prefab Wood Fireplaces Converted To Vented Gas Logs
  • Door Fit: Inside 
  • Approximate Recessed Depth: 1"
  • Door Type: Trackless Bi-Fold Doors | Optional Cabinet Style Doors |
  • Material: 1-11/16" Wide x 1-1/16" Deep Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Glass: 3/16" Tempered Safety Glass
  • Glass Tints: Clear | Optional Grey | Optional Bronze
  • Ceramic Glass: N/A
  • Mesh Screen: Not Available
  • Handle Style: Contemporary
  • Damper: N/A
  • Airtight Option: N/A
  • Assembly: Comes Fully Assembled
  • Mounting: Hardware Included

Ironhaus/Portland Willamette Limited Warranty Important!
Please Review This Warranty Prior to Installation or Use of Ironhaus Products! Ironhaus/PW provides a warranty to the original retail purchaser exclusively, guaranteeing that the product (i.e., furnishings, excluding glass, finish, mesh parts, and/or accessories) will be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase for a one-year period starting from the date of purchase.


A Guide to Measuring for Your New Prefab Fireplace Door: Ensure a Perfect Fit

Enhancing the ambiance of your living space with a new prefab fireplace door is an exciting endeavor, but the key to a seamless installation lies in precise measurements. To achieve the perfect fit and maximize the visual appeal of your fireplace, follow our step-by-step guide on how to measure for your new prefab fireplace door. Remember, accuracy is crucial, especially if you need to remove the track during installation.

1. Identify your fireplace type.

  • Distinguish whether your fireplace is Masonry or Prefab. For Prefab fireplaces, locate the model number and manufacturer. Typically, Prefab fireplaces feature a metal plate positioned on the front or just inside the firebox, occasionally found inside above the opening. This plate contains crucial details, including the brand and specific model number of your fireplace. Including these details when you submit your order aids us in crafting the accurately sized door for your fireplace.

2. Understand Inside Fit:

  • Before diving into measurements, it's essential to understand the concept of an inside fit. An inside fit means the fireplace door is smaller than the opening and fits inside the fireplace opening. This is crucial information for accurate sizing.

3. Gather Your Tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Notepad and pen
  • Level (optional but recommended for accuracy)
  • Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Prefab Replacement Door. 

4. Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Prefab Replacement Door: 

Things To Watchout For Before Ordering A Door

5. Measure Vertically:

  • Start by measuring the height of the inner steel opening where the fireplace door will fit. Place your tape measure at the top edge of the opening and extend it down to the bottom. Take three measurements at different points vertically. Record each measurement to the nearest 1/16". Note that you should measure the steel opening and not the finishing material in front of the fireplace, such as brick, stone, marble, or tile.

6. Measure Horizontally:

  • Move on to measuring the width of the inner steel opening. Place your tape measure at the left edge of the opening and extend it to the right. Similar to the vertical measurements, take three horizontal measurements at different points. Again, record each measurement to the nearest 1/16".

7. Determine the Smallest Size:

  • Of the measurements you've taken, identify the smallest width and height values. These will be your crucial dimensions for ordering a replacement fireplace door. The smallest size ensures a snug and secure fit within the inner steel opening.

8. Enter Measurements into the Price Calculator:

  • When ordering your prefab fireplace door, enter the exact MINIMUM measurements for both height and width into the Fireplace Doors Online price calculator to get your final price without additional options. This guarantees that the door perfectly fits the steel opening, just like the original manufacturer's door.

9. Special Note for Track Removal:

  • If your installation requires the removal of the track, be sure to measure accordingly. Take into account the space freed up by the removed track when measuring horizontally.


10. Not Sure On How To Measure?

  • If you're uncertain about the proper measurements for your fireplace, no worries! Simply capture a photo of your fireplace and click on the provided link to receive a free quote. Our team will assist you in determining the accurate dimensions and guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to help you achieve the perfect fit for your fireplace door.

By following these detailed steps, you're on your way to securing the right measurements for your new prefab fireplace door. Achieving a flawless fit ensures not only an aesthetically pleasing upgrade but also optimal heat efficiency. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of your revamped fireplace!

Understanding the Distinct Differences: Why Masonry Fireplace Doors Can't Be Used on Prefab Fireplaces

The allure of a warm, crackling fire is a timeless joy, and many homeowners seek to enhance this experience by adding fireplace doors. However, when it comes to choosing the right door for your fireplace, it's crucial to recognize the differences between masonry and prefab fireplaces. Specifically, understanding why you can't use a masonry fireplace door on a prefab fireplace is essential to avoid potential complications and ensure a safe and efficient setup.

1. Structural Variances:

Masonry fireplaces and prefab (pre-fabricated) fireplaces are constructed using distinct materials and methods. Masonry fireplaces are typically built on-site using bricks, stones, or other masonry materials. In contrast, prefab fireplaces are factory-built, often using lightweight metal components. The structural variances between the two types result in significant differences in their design and heat distribution.

2. Heat and Safety Considerations:

Prefab fireplaces have specific design features to manage heat efficiently. These features include air gaps and insulating materials designed to keep the outer surfaces cooler, reducing the risk of overheating. Using a masonry fireplace door on a prefab fireplace may compromise these safety features, leading to potential hazards due to increased heat levels.

3. Fit and Compatibility:

Prefab fireplaces are manufactured with precise dimensions and specifications. Masonry fireplace doors are not interchangeable with prefab fireplaces due to the differences in sizing, design, and installation requirements. Attempting to fit a masonry door onto a prefab fireplace may result in an ill-fitting, insecure door that fails to meet safety standards.

4. Ventilation Requirements:

Prefab fireplaces are engineered with specific ventilation requirements to ensure proper combustion and the release of gases. Masonry doors may obstruct these ventilation channels, compromising the fireplace's functionality and safety. Prefab fireplace doors are designed with the necessary vents to facilitate proper airflow and combustion.

5. Material Compatibility:

Masonry fireplace doors are often crafted from heavier materials to withstand the intense heat generated by traditional masonry fireplaces. Prefab fireplaces, being lighter in construction, require doors made from materials that can withstand the unique conditions of their design. Using a masonry door on a prefab fireplace may result in premature wear, warping, or damage to the door.


The differences in construction, heat management, sizing, ventilation, and material compatibility make it impractical and unsafe to use a masonry fireplace door on a prefab fireplace. Homeowners seeking to enhance their prefab fireplace should opt for doors specifically designed and approved for prefab installations. Doing so ensures not only a visually appealing addition but also maintains the safety and efficiency of the fireplace system. Always consult with a fireplace doors online professional for guidance on choosing the right doors for your specific fireplace type. Alternatively, utilize our snapshot quote form below for personalized assistance.

Here's how to get a speedy custom quote for your fireplace door:

  1. Snap a photo of your fireplace using your phone, tablet, or digital camera.
  2. Complete the form below and upload your photos (up to three).
  3. Our fireplace door experts will assess your pictures, identify your fireplace type, and, based on your provided measurements, curate a list of doors that align with your home and budget.
  4. Anticipate a response from our friendly customer service team member within 1 business day, delivering your personalized recommendations!

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Thank you Fireplace Doors Online. We are thrilled with the quality of your product and thanks to your recommendation, it fits perfectly in our very old fireplace. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company.
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Last updated on March 21st 2024.



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