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Real Fyre Traditional Fyreback in Polished Stainless Steel

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Available in sizes 18 to 36 inches, the Traditional Fireplace Fyreback in Polished Stainless Steel with its mirror-like surface will make your fire appear bigger while reflecting light back into the room. Gas log accessories can be just as functional as they are beautiful decor. This gas log fireback from Peterson Real Fyre will stylishly help protect the back wall of the firebox from cracking as it deflects the heat back into your living space. This also makes your masonry fireplace more efficient, giving back more heat and preventing the stonework from soaking up the warmth.

At the minimum, a fireback for fireplaces should be the same size as the log grate and cover the back wall of the firebox directly behind the grate. And there should be a few inches of clearance along the sides of the firebox from the fireback. So for a 24-inch log set, the fireplace fireback would also need to be at least 24 inches. 

Polished Stainless Steel Traditional Fyreback Information. Specifications:

  • Traditional Fyreback style
  • Easy installation
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Style: Traditional
  • Back Panel Dimensions
    • 18 Inch: 16.5 inches W x 17 inches H
    • 24 Inch: 21.5 inches W x 17 inches H
    • 30 Inch: 26.5 inches W x 17 inches H
    • 36 Inch: 31.5 inches W x 17 inches H
  • Side Panel Dimensions
    • 18 Inch: 11 inches W x 14 inches H
    • 24 Inch: 12 inches W x 14 inches H
    • 30 Inch: 13 inches W x 14 inches H
    • 36 Inch: 14 inches W x 14 inches H
  • Weight: 10 Pounds for 18 Inch | 12 Pounds for 24 Inch | 14 Pounds for 30 Inch | 17 Pounds for 36 Inch

Manufacturer's Warranty

NAPOLEON products are manufactured under the strict Standard of the world recognized ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Assurance Certificate. NAPOLEON products are designed with superior components and materials assembled by trained craftsmen who take great pride in their work. The burner and valve assembly are leak and test-fired at a quality test station. The complete appliance is again thoroughly inspected by a qualifi ed technician before packaging to ensure that you, the customer, receives the quality product that you expect from NAPOLEON. The following materials and workmanship in your new NAPOLEON gas appliance are warranted against defects for as long as you own the appliance. This covers: combustion chamber, heat exchanger, stainless steel burner, phazer™ logs and embers, rocks, ceramic glass (thermal breakage only), gold plated parts against tarnishing, porcelainized enameled components and aluminum extrusion trims.* Electrical (110V and millivolt) components and wearable parts are covered and NAPOLEON will provide replacement parts free of charge during the fi rst year of the limited warranty. This covers: blowers, gas valves, thermal switch, switches, wiring, remote controls, ignitor, gasketing, and pilot assembly.* Labour related to warranty repair is covered free of charge during the fi rst year. Repair work, however, requires the prior approval of an authorized company offi cial. Labour costs to the account of NAPOLEON are based on a predetermined rate schedule and any repair work must be done through an authorized NAPOLEON dealer. * Construction of models vary. Warranty applies only to components included with your specifi c appliance. NAPOLEON GAS APPLIANCE PRESIDENT’S LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY

Order this fireback and got emails when it would be shipped and when it would be delivered and happy with the customer service informing me on the status.
Once it arrived I unpacked it and found minor blemish on the dull side, which won't affect the performance of the product I went ahead and used silver polish to remove the blemish and came right off. I then peeled off the protective film and revealed the mirror like finish.
Once I started to assemble it, I found that on the back panel, the laser torch didn't cut the slot completely, thought for sure I would have to return the item back, for this defect, but the cut was just enough for me to push through the locking tap and lock the panels together and broke off the splinter, that bent back.
I recommend that you wear protective gloves while handling this product since the edges, even though smooth, can still cause some lacerations if not handle properly.
I give it 4 stars, for that one defect and that blemish area I had to remove.
Very happy with this product.
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Does this fire back slant forward like other stainless steel fire backs to force the heat into the living area rather than up the chimney?

Asked by Mario  | 02-07-2019, 01:06 AM | 1 answer(s)
Last updated on June 10th 2022.
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