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Franklin Cast Iron Fireplace Grate 22 Inch

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Smaller fireplaces and Franklin stoves can be difficult to find the best fireplace grates for, but this heavy-duty fireplace grate has a flat bottom to fit these fireplaces and stoves perfectly. Only ash can fall between the narrow slots, providing you with a more intense, longer-lasting fire. This cast iron grate will last a lifetime, taking the worries of having to possibly replace it in a couple of years away.


  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Clearance: 2 1/4 inches
  • Front Width: 22 inches
  • Back Width: 18 1/2 inches
  • Depth: 12 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds


NOTE: Grates will have dimples in the casting, which look like “dents”.  This is not a defect and will not warrant a replacement!

A Warm Welcome: Choosing the Right Fireplace Grates for Your Home

A fireplace serves as the heart of many homes, providing warmth, ambiance, and a focal point for gatherings. One key element that contributes to the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of a fireplace is the grate. Fireplace grates play a crucial role in ensuring proper airflow, enhancing the burning process, and protecting the fireplace floor. With various options available, choosing the right fireplace grate for your home requires careful consideration. In this guide, we'll explore the factors to keep in mind to help you make an informed decision.

Material Matters:

Fireplace grates are commonly made from cast iron, steel, or stainless steel. Each material has its own set of advantages and considerations. Cast iron grates are durable and excellent at retaining heat, while steel grates are lighter and may be more affordable. Stainless steel grates offer corrosion resistance and a modern aesthetic. Consider your preferences, budget, and maintenance requirements when selecting the material.

Size and Fit:

Choosing the right size for your fireplace grate is crucial for optimal performance. Measure the dimensions of your fireplace carefully, ensuring that the grate fits snugly within the space. A properly sized grate promotes efficient burning and allows for adequate airflow. Too large of a grate may obstruct proper ventilation, while one that is too small may not support a sufficient amount of firewood.

Style and Design:

Fireplace grates come in various styles and designs to complement different home aesthetics. Traditional designs often feature ornate detailing, while contemporary options may have sleek, minimalist lines. Consider the overall style of your home and fireplace when selecting a grate to ensure a cohesive look. Additionally, some grates come with decorative elements such as finials or twisted bars, adding a touch of elegance to your fireplace.

Bar Shape and Spacing:

The design of the bars on the grate significantly influences the burning process. V-bar grates, with a V-shaped profile, are effective at holding logs in place and promoting airflow. Tapered grates have bars that converge towards the back, providing stability for logs and directing ash toward the fireplace opening. Pay attention to the spacing between the bars as well; an appropriate gap ensures proper ventilation and combustion.

Ash Pan or Basket:

Some fireplace grates come with integrated ash pans or baskets, simplifying the cleaning process. An ash pan collects ash and debris, making it easier to dispose of and maintain a clean fireplace. Consider whether the convenience of an ash pan aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Consideration for Fireplace Type:

Different types of fireplaces, such as wood-burning, gas, or electric, may require specific types of grates. For wood-burning fireplaces, robust and heat-resistant grates are essential, while gas fireplaces may benefit from grates designed to enhance the appearance of artificial logs. Make sure to choose a grate that is compatible with your fireplace type.


Selecting the right fireplace grate is a decision that involves a combination of practicality and aesthetics. By considering factors such as material, size, style, bar shape, and additional features, you can find a grate that not only enhances the functionality of your fireplace but also complements the overall design of your home. Take the time to explore the options available, and you'll be on your way to enjoying cozy fires in a well-appointed and efficient fireplace.

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Last updated on December 26th 2023.



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