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Black 3/16" Min Mesh Weave Fireplace Curtain Sets | For Openings 30" To 40" Wide

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Elevate the safety and style of your fireplace with our 24" Wide Black Panels featuring a 3/16" Mini Mesh Weave. Perfectly suited for openings ranging from 30" to 40" wide, these Premium Mini-Mesh Replacement Firescreens offer superior spark protection and a touch of elegance. Crafted with precision, the satin black 3/16”- 19 1/2" Ga. steel mini-mesh panels, each measuring 24 inches in width, come complete with rings and black coil tassel pulls for a sleek finish.

Designed with a smaller 3/16" weave, these mini mesh curtains are exceptionally effective at capturing smaller sparks, ensuring enhanced safety for your wood-burning fire. Easily replace your existing curtain screen without the need to change the rod. While the smaller weave provides superior protection, it's essential to note that it may slightly impede the visibility of the fire in action.

This set includes two 24-inch wide curtains, available in various lengths to suit your fireplace opening. The panels feature rings for convenient hanging on a mesh curtain rod. No hardware? No worries! Explore our selection of curtain rods and pulls for a seamless setup.

Constructed with durable black powder-coated steel wire, these panels boast a 19-gauge wire thickness and a 3/16-inch weave. The sleek black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your fireplace setting. The set is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Enhance both the safety and aesthetics of your fireplace with these meticulously designed 24" Wide Black Panels, providing a stylish solution for openings from 30" to 40" wide.


  • Material: 19 Gauge Wire
  • Weave: 3/16 Inch
  • Finish Color: Satin Black Powder Coated
  • Number Of Panels: 
  • Width: Each Panel Is 24 Inches Wide
  • Available Length: 13" To 36" - Plus 1/2" For The Hanger Rings
  • Fireplace Opening Width: 30" to 38"
  • Hanger Ring Size: 1/2 Inch 
  • Curtain Pulls: 2 In Black
  • USA Made




How to Measure And Install Fireplace Mesh Curtains

Measuring for a Fireplace Mesh Curtain:

Height Measurement for Existing Mesh:

How To Measure Existing Mesh Height

  1. If you're satisfied with the dimensions of your existing screen, simply measure both its height and width, including any hanger rings, and then place an order for a screen with the same height.
  2. Measure the overall height of your existing mesh curtain, including the hanger rings. (TOTAL MESH HEIGHT)
  3. Choose the measurement nearest to your existing mesh screen from the menu above.

For Mesh Screen with Rod Installed:
How To Measure For Mesh Screen with Rod Installed:

  1. Measure from your fireplace floor to the top of the rod. This gives you the overall length of the new mesh curtain with the 1/2" hanger rings.
  2. Allow for about 1/2" clearance to prevent dragging along the fireplace floor.

For Mesh Screen with No Rod Installed:

How To Measure For Mesh Screen with No Rod Installed

  1. Measure from your fireplace floor to the firebox ceiling or lintel iron, deducting 1".
  2. This should give you the overall height for the new screen.
  3. Allow about 1/2" clearance to prevent dragging along the fireplace floor.

For Mesh That Hides Behind A Valance:

How To Measure For A Mesh That Hinds Behind A Valance

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Replace Your Fireplace Screen Curtain

Introduction: The fireplace screen curtain is a vital element in safeguarding your fireplace and home from potential damage caused by various factors. In addition to shielding the fireplace from children, pets, and accidental collisions, it serves as a protective barrier, preventing the escape of fire and the entry of flammable items from the surroundings. This step-by-step guide will assist you in efficiently replacing your fireplace screen curtain, ensuring both safety and functionality.

Step 1 — Remove the Existing Screen:

  • Before installing the new screen, remove the old, broken, or worn-out curtain to ensure a seamless replacement. Many prefer purchasing the new screen after removal to guarantee accurate sizing. Locate the screws on the top, bottom, and sides of the existing screen that secure it in place. Determine whether these screws are attached to the side or front of the brick fireplace. Carefully use a drill or screwdriver to unscrew and remove them. Gently pull the screen away and upward to avoid scratching the fireplace brick.

Step 2 — Select a Screen and Test for Fit:

  • Opt for a new screen with the same design as the old one for a hassle-free installation. Common designs include screens secured by hand screws on the sides of the fireplace or screws directly into the front. Note the measurements of the existing screen and bring them when purchasing a replacement. Test the new screen for fit by placing it over the fireplace.

Step 3 — Install the Support Screws:

  • Commencing from the outside of the fireplace, install screws to support the new screen. If the screws fit existing holes, use a screwdriver to secure them. If the screw format differs, utilize a power drill with the appropriate concrete bit to drill holes where needed. Mark drilling locations on the brick using chalk.

Ensure the screws are tightly secured, providing stability to the screen. Test the screen to confirm its stability, making sure it won't fall if bumped or struck by an external object before leaving it in place.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can efficiently replace your fireplace screen curtain, enhancing both the safety and aesthetic appeal of your home. This project ensures your fireplace remains a secure and enjoyable focal point in your living space.

Selecting the correct Mesh Curtain Rod:

  • When selecting a mesh curtain rod for a fireplace, the choice between a straight, angled, or bypass design depends on the specific needs of your fireplace opening and how you want the mesh curtain to function. Here's a breakdown of each type and their ideal use cases:

1. Straight Mesh Curtain Rod:

  • How It Works: A straight rod extends horizontally across the top of the fireplace opening, allowing the mesh curtain to hang down in a straight line.
  • Ideal Use: Best suited for standard, flat fireplace openings where the curtain needs to cover the opening directly in front without any obstruction. It provides a simple, clean look and is easy to install and operate.

2. Angled Mesh Curtain Rod:

  • How It Works: Angled rods are designed to fit fireplace openings that are not perfectly square or rectangular, having corners or edges that might not be at 90-degree angles. The rod can be bent or adjusted to match the specific angle of the fireplace opening.
  • Ideal Use: Perfect for custom or non-standard fireplace shapes where a straight rod would not align properly with the opening. This allows the mesh curtain to fully cover uneven edges or angled sides, ensuring full coverage and protection.

3. Bypass Mesh Curtain Rod:

  • How It Works: Bypass rods allow for two mesh curtains to overlap and slide past each other, typically using two parallel rods or a double-track system. This design enables easy opening and closing of the curtains, similar to how a curtain on a window might work.
  • Ideal Use: Ideal for larger fireplace openings or for those who prefer the flexibility of partially opening the mesh without exposing the entire fireplace. This is also beneficial when you need to access the fire without moving the entire curtain aside, providing both convenience and safety.

When choosing between these rod types, consider the shape and size of your fireplace opening, the level of customization needed, and how you intend to use the mesh curtain. Each rod type offers different benefits, so selecting the one that best fits your fireplace's requirements and your personal preferences is key to achieving both functionality and aesthetic appeal

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Last updated on March 10th 2024.



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