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What type of fireplace door should I get?

The three main types of fireplace doors explained.


 Jul 18, 2018  Fireplace Know How

Out of the multiple options available to customize your new fireplace door, the “door type” is one of them. There are 3 door types that fireplace doors can have: cabinet, tracked bi-fold, and trackless bi-fold. But what do they look like and how are they different? We’ll break it down for you.

Cabinet Fireplace DoorsShenandoah Ceramic Glass Masonry Fireplace Door

Cabinet Doors

The first type is a cabinet or twin styled door. Each door features one solid pane of glass. They are called cabinet doors because they open much like your kitchen cabinets. They will open fully as long as there is nothing blocking the door clearance like a fireplace tool set or the stonework on a masonry fireplace.



Bi-Fold Doors for Fireplace Doors

Bi-Fold DoorsCarolina Fireplace Door at Fireplace Doors Online

The next style for fireplace glass doors is the bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors have two panes of glass in each door that allow them to fold in half. They close more compactly and are great for those with smaller fireplace facades or who might worry about the doors hitting fireplace place tools or décor on the hearth.

There are two types of bi-fold doors: tracked and trackless.


Trackless Bi-Fold DoorsExample of a trackless, bi-fold door

Trackless bi-fold doors have a full swing door that opens completely off to the side for a wider view of the firebox. They are also much easier to clean than the tracked bi-fold doors.



Tracked Bi-Fold Doors

The tracked bi-fold doors slide open along a rail on the door frame. This style of door is nice for families as they are more secure and challenging for little ones to open. However, because they are restricted by the track, they are harder to clean and do not open fully.

   Tracked Bi-Fold Doors   


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Last updated on September 28th 2018.

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