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What type of fireplace door should I get?

The three main types of fireplace doors explained.

 Sep 1, 2016  Fireplace Know How

We have hundreds of fireplace doors here (after all, it’s in our name!) and each one is unique. While you can learn a lot about our fireplace doors by asking us, there are some things that we can tell you about now. Learn about our three different door types below!

Cabinet Fireplace DoorsForged In Fire Fireplace Door With Cabinet Doors


First up is the cabinet fireplace door. These fireplace doors feature just one piece of glass—two doors that open and close just like the kitchen cabinets! These doors are great if you want a door with a beautiful and intricate design. We love the designs on our Madrid Fireplace Door and the Branded Scroll DoorIt’s made more beautiful because it is two solid doors, not one of our many other options.

(By the way, if you love the design on this masonry fireplace door, you’ll love the numerous other designs available on this gorgeous fireplace door!


Bi-Fold Doors for Fireplace DoorsCarolina Fireplace Door at Fireplace Doors Online

Bi-fold doors are another option! Like cabinet doors these doors open away from the fireplace, but they fold in the middle. This can make it easier if you want to open your doors wider without worrying about bumping your fireplace tools or other fireplace décor that is safe to keep near the fireplace. We have a lot of options for this, including ones that look nearly seamless thanks to the glass! The Carolina Fireplace Door is a great example of this! This modern fireplace door works for both masonry and zero-clearance fireplaces and has both cabinet and bi-fold door options!


Bi-fold Tracked door for fireplace doors.Norwegian Fireplace Door at Fireplace Doors Online

Lastly we have the tracked bi-fold doors! Like the standard bi-fold doors these fold in the center, but they remain on a track on the fireplace door. These fireplace door types are a great choice if you’re afraid of the door coming open and swinging out. Though they can be more challenging to clean, they are very safe and a great choice for families!

Our Norwegian Fireplace Door is a great choice if you want a beautiful, modern fireplace door for your zero-clearance fireplace!



Want more examples? No problem! Check out Media Mike’s how-to video on identifying different fireplace door types! 












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