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Glow Plug Replacement For OTP SWEIS Pilot Igniter

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Glow Plug Replacement for SWEIS Pilot Igniter

The Glow Plug Replacement is a vital part of ignition systems, specifically needed for initiating the functioning of propane and natural gas heaters. This essential component acts as the ignition source for the pilot flame, which in turn lights up the main burner.
The particular replacement piece has been specially designed to suit SWEIS pilot igniters. Crafted from durable, high-grade materials, it promises sustained, superior performance. If an individual's task is to upkeep or mend their ignition system, the Glow Plug Replacement plays a significant role. It not only contributes to the consistent operation of heating equipment but also confirms their safe usage.

The SWEIS Pilot Igniter Glow Plug Replacement plays a vital role in ignition systems. It's responsible for initiating propane and natural gas heaters. The glow plug lights up the pilot flame, which subsequently ignites the primary burner. This specific component is designed to fit ideally with SWEIS pilot igniters.

The Pilot Igniter Assembly parts are designed to function optimally with both 12V and 110V Electronic Ignition Systems.

The below-mentioned compatible parts are derivatives of the main part number:

Mini Capacity Parts (Typically used on bowls, maximum 190k BTU, 3/8" Thread)

  • TOP-500EIS-100-12: This is a low voltage part and used for hard-wired units.
  • TOP-500EIS-100-110: This part is designed for plug and play systems.
    Standard Capacity Parts (Commonly used on fire pits, maximum 290k BTU, 1/2" Thread)
  • TOP-500EIS-200-12: This low voltage part is ideal for hard-wired units.
  • TOP-500EIS-200-110: This part is suitable for plug and play systems.
    High Capacity Parts (Typically used on larger installations, maximum 510k BTU, 3/4" Thread)
  • TOP-500EIS-300-12: This is a low voltage part for hard-wired units.
  • TOP-500EIS-300-110: This is a plug and play part.
Please note, it is essential that you use the right part for optimal performance and to prevent any damage to your installation. If you're unsure, please contact our customer service team for guidance.

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Last updated on October 12th 2023.



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