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Napoleon Luxuria 74" See through Gas Fireplace -LVX74P2X

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Napoleon Luxuria 74 Inches Series See Through Gas Fireplace -LVX74P2X that adds a contemporary touch to home heating. Discover a hint of elegance with this fireplace. A fireplace that provides a clear view of a sleek linear fire without the need for screens. This fireplace is more than simply a heater; it's a warm and stylish focal point for your room. With its cool-to-touch glass and effective heat control that simultaneously heats two rooms, it's both safe and useful. It's adaptable and easy to set up. Above the fireplace, you may securely position your TV or artwork to give it a sleek, contemporary appearance. With posh options like Nickel Stix, Mineral Rock Kit, Shore, and Beach Fire Media Kits, you may personalize the appearance. To personalize it, you can also select from a variety of colors for the Glass Ember Media and Glass Beads. With the eFIRE app on your phone, take command. For any event, switch up the atmosphere with a multicolored LED ember bed. More than just a heater, the Napoleon Luxuria Series-LVX74P2X-See Through Gas Fireplace 74 Inch offers you the opportunity to add comfort and style to your living space.

LuxuriaTM 74 offers more for you, our valued customer than just warmth; it's an easy method to update the appearance of your space. Napoleon's LuxuriaTM See-Through Gas Fireplace is more than just a product; it's a guarantee that every occasion will be elegant and comfortable in your unique style.


EFIRE MOBILE APP: A handy tool that lets you control various features of your fireplace directly from your mobile device, making your experience more convenient and connected. With this app, you can easily turn your fireplace on or off, adjust the flame height, control the blower speed, manage the top light, and more. It puts the power to customize and manage these parameters right at your fingertips, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in a simple and user-friendly way.

REMOTE: Comes with your fireplace does a lot! You can use it to turn the fireplace on or off, change the thermostat settings, control how big the flames are, adjust the top lights, and even set the blower speed. It's like having a handy gadget that lets you change everything about your fireplace without getting up from your seat. Super easy and convenient!


DYNAMIC HEAT CONTROL: lets you decide how much warmth you want from your fireplace. It's cool because you don't need extra stuff like fans or ducts to spread the heat around. You can put the fireplace wherever you like in your home design, and it's safe to install close to other materials. Plus, it's made so you can hang your TV or artwork above it. By not going all the way to the ceiling and having an opening at the top, the heat stays in the room with the fireplace, making things nice and cozy.

DYNAMIC HEAT CONTROL PLUS: this is like an upgrade that comes with a powerful fan. This fan helps take the heat from the fireplace and sends it wherever you want in your home, even outside if you don't need it indoors. You can still put a TV above the fireplace easily. The fan speed can be adjusted to fit the setup you have.

DUCTED HEAT MANAGEMENT: this is a special way to handle the heat in a fireplace. It's the first of its kind and gives you a lot of flexibility in how you set it up – you can have vents in the front, on the sides, or even off to the side. This system doesn't use fans or blowers, so it's really quiet. The heat right above the fireplace is kept low, and it spreads out safely. This means you can put things like electronics or delicate artwork right above the fireplace without worrying about them getting too hot. It's super flexible and safe to use with no extra space needed around it.


  • BATTERY BACK-UP CONTROL:  Like a safety net for your fireplace. If the power goes out, no worries! This feature ensures that your fireplace can still light up and keep you warm. Just a heads up, though—batteries aren't included, but you can charge them using your power bank. So, even in a power outage, your fireplace has you covered and ready to bring warmth to your space.
  • DIRECT VENT: A fantastic way to keep your indoor air clean and your energy use efficient. It works by effectively removing exhaust and fumes from your space, ensuring that the air you breathe is fresh and free from harmful substances. Simultaneously, it helps conserve energy, making it a smart choice for maintaining a healthy and environmentally friendly home environment.

Available Models:


  • Up to 50,000 BTU's
  • Safe to touch, triple-panel Glass Guard System
  • Safe to display TVs and artwork above the fireplace
  • Patent Pending Dynamic Heat Control™
  • NIGHT LIGHT™ System
  • MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels
  • Ember Bed Featuring Multi-Colored LED Lights
  • Divinity™ Flame Pattern
  • Electronic Ignition


  • eFIRE Bluetooth App Included


  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas and Propane Gas
  • Heat output (MAX.): 50,000 BTU 
  • Heating Management Options:  DHC, DHC+, DHM
  • Viewing Area: 78.12 x 18.62 in
  • Framing Width: 89.81 in
  • Framing Height: 91 in
  • Framing Depth: 16.19 in
  • Width: 93.31 in
  • Height: 41.19 in
  • Depth: 16.19 in


Last updated on February 22nd 2024.



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