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Nelson Cast Iron Wood Stove by Invicta

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Introducing the Invicta Nelson Cast Iron Wood Stove – where warmth meets artistry in a captivating double-sided design. With glass panels on both sides, this stove brings a unique character to your home, creating cozy evenings filled with the mesmerizing sound of crackling fire and the graceful dance of flames.

Position the Nelson at the heart of your space for a central fire attraction, or use it as an elegant room divider, allowing for an open, unobstructed view from every angle. Its clean lines and impressive heat output make it a standout piece, seamlessly blending modernity with classic craftsmanship.

The Nelson's double-sided viewing window offers a stunning perspective from both sides, making it perfect for installations in inner rooms. This stove takes center stage, effortlessly becoming the focal point of your interior.

Experience the benefits of the secondary air system, which safeguards the glass against soot and smoke deposits while ensuring the efficient combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow adapts to high draft conditions, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Say goodbye to smudged glass with the clean glass system. A stream of preheated air creates a protective curtain, triggering the combustion of gas and volatile materials keeping the glass crystal clear.

The Nelson's double doors offer convenience, allowing for easy reloading of wood from either side. This feature is ideal for separating two rooms while maintaining a cozy ambiance.

With an intermittent operation, the Nelson excels with regular loading of small wood quantities, ensuring high performance and environmental friendliness.

Rest easy knowing the Invicta Nelson is backed by the Origine France Garantie – a certification that guarantees its French origin. This validation, upheld by the independent organization Bureau Veritas, speaks to Invicta's unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity.

Elevate your space with the Invicta Nelson Cast Iron Wood Stove – an exquisite blend of form, function, and French craftsmanship. Embrace the warmth and artistry only from Invicta.

Venting Requirements: Use a 7’’ black connector pipe. Use only a 7’’ insulated flue in compliance with the UL 103HT or ULC S629 standard


  • 3-Year extended warranty
  • Adjustable secondary air
  • Clean glass
  • Double face/Double opening
  • Intermittent
  • Origine France Garantie (Made in France Guarantee)

Product Specifications:

 Model:  Nelson
 Optimal Power:  12 kW
 Heating Volume:  160 to 360 m³
 Heating Surface:  65 to 145 m²
 Environmental Label:  7 stars
 Useful Efficiency:  76
 Seasonal Efficiency:  66
 CO (%)  0.09 %
 CO (MG/NM³)  1125
 DUST (MG/NM³)  30 mg/Nm³
 GOC (MG/NM³)  120
 NOX (MG/NM³)  160
 Energy Efficiency Index  100
 Flue Gas Mass Flow  10,7
 Flue Gas Temperature  348
 Loading   Two front sides
 Flue exit  Dessus
 Flue Diameter  180 mm
 Dimensions - H * W * D (MM)  930 x 910 x 480
 Material  Fonte
 Finish  Anthracite
 Certification  EN 13240


Manufacturer Warranty

DURATION: The duration of our guarantee is 10 years on the firebox body and 3 years for all casting component having direct contact with the fire like the ashes grid, the shenet and the baffle, counting from the date of delivery by the installer or the date of point of sale. The guarantee applies during this period to all defects of parts or of manufacture. We are only responsible for the free replacement of parts found defective after verification by ourselves. If the replacement of these parts would prove too expensive, we reserve the right to replace the appliance.

VALIDITY: The purchaser designated hereunder, acknowledging having received the notice of installation and of use, agrees to conform for safety reasons. This guarantee is only valid if the appliance is used according to the rules and recommendations stated on the instructions for installation and used, supplied with the appliance. The appliance must be installed at the address on the certificate of guarantee. The other components are guaranteed for 1 year, such as: latch, screws and bolts, springs, fans, printed circuits, switch, electric thimbles, wire, electric sheaths, etc...

EXCLUSION: The glass is resistant to a temp of 750 C and the temperatures in the combustion chamber never reach this temperature, a breakage of glass cannot occur as a result of overheating. Therefore, the breakage of the glass due to a bad manipulation on installation or the handling of the applicane, is not covered by this guarantee. The joints are considered items which are subject to wear. The fuel used and the control of the apparatus, being outside out control, the parts of the stove in direct contact with the ignited fuel are not included in the cover of the guarantee, including: fireplate, fire grate, vent, log barrier, The cost of traveling, of transport, of workmanship, of packaging, of disassembly and the consequences of the immobilization of the appliance, resulting from the operations of the guarantee, are the sole responsibility of the customer. Any disorder caused on any part of the installation, by mechanical or electrical parts which we have not supplied and which are prohibited by the texts governing heating appliances. The damage caused by the use of any other fuel than wood

Last updated on January 3rd 2024.



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