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DuraVent 4" PelletVent Pro Cathedral Support Box 4PVP-CS

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The DuraVent 4" PelletVent Pro Cathedral Ceiling Support Box 4PVP-CS features a Duralock mechanism, ensuring a secure seal and providing support for pipes. It is particularly beneficial for flat ceilings. The black trim includes both a trim piece and a clamp, adding a functional and aesthetic touch to the installation.


  • Painted black
  • Use to support pipe
  • Trim and clamp included
  • May be used on flat ceilings
  • 1" clearance to combustibles
  • No additional gaskets or sealants needed
  • Outer diameter is 5/8" larger than inner diameter
  • Use with pellet, oil, corn, and bio-fuel appliances
  • It can be used in both vertical and horizontal installations
  • To calculate the installed length, subtract 1 1⁄2” from each length of the pipe
  • Laser-welded super ferritic stainless steel inner walls and galvalume outer walls
  • Features fully unitized, twist-lock construction in 3” and 4” diameters
  • The precise fit of twist-lock connections is fast, secure, and leak-resistant. Adaptability is provided by swivel elbow connections and multiple termination options


 Size:  4" Inner Diameter
 Type:  Ceiling Box
 Insulation Type:  Air
 Pipe Class:  Type L
 Weight:  6.3 lbs.
 Material:    Galvalume
 Fuel Type:   Pellet, Oil, Wood, Biofuels
 UL Listing Number:  UL 641, ULC S609
 Product Type:   Ceiling Support Box


Installing DuraVent PelletVent Pro® Pipe:

When it comes to venting systems for stoves and inserts that use wood pellets, corn, biofuels, or oil, DuraVent's PelletVent Pro® stands as an industry leader. With its innovative design and commitment to quality, PelletVent Pro® offers a durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing solution for your venting needs. In this article, we will explore the key features of PelletVent Pro® and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to install it, along with answers to five frequently asked questions.

Key Features of PelletVent Pro®

  1. Corrosion-Resistant Superferritic Metal: All PelletVent Pro® components that come into contact with flue gases are constructed with an inner wall made of corrosion-resistant superferritic metal. This ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding conditions.
  2. Double-Wall, Air-Insulated Design: PelletVent Pro® features a double-wall, air-insulated construction that enhances its performance and safety. This design allows for a 1" clearance to combustibles in both the USA and Canada, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  3. Laser-Welded Inner and Outer Wall: The laser-welded inner and outer walls of PelletVent Pro® provide a perfect fit and finish, ensuring airtight seals and superior durability.
  4. Compatibility with Various Fuels: PelletVent Pro® is designed to vent stoves and inserts using wood pellets, corn, biofuels (such as switchgrass, coffee husks, and more), and oil as fuel sources, making it a versatile choice for different heating systems.
  5. UL Listed: PelletVent Pro® is UL listed for 1" clearance to combustibles in both the USA and Canada, meeting the highest safety standards for venting systems.

Installation Guide

Installing PelletVent Pro® is a straightforward process, but it's crucial to follow these steps carefully to ensure proper functioning and safety:

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

PelletVent Pro® components

  • Appropriate support brackets and hangers
  • Wall thimble or ceiling support box
  • Vent termination cap
  • Pipe sections
  • Screwdriver, drill, and screws
  • Measuring tape
  • Level

Step 2: Plan Your Installation Determine the optimal placement of your vent system, ensuring it complies with local building codes and regulations. Measure and mark the locations for wall thimble or ceiling support box, brackets, and pipe sections.

Step 3: Install the Support Brackets Attach the support brackets and hangers securely to the wall or ceiling, following the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure that they are level and provide proper support for the vent pipe.

Step 4: Connect the Vent Pipe Sections Assemble the PelletVent Pro® pipe sections, starting from the appliance and working your way towards the vent termination cap. Use the provided locking bands to secure each connection.

Step 5: Install Wall Thimble or Ceiling Support Box If your installation requires it, mount the wall thimble or ceiling support box to provide a safe passage for the vent pipe through the wall or ceiling.

Step 6: Attach the Vent Termination Cap Finally, attach the vent termination cap to the exterior of your home, ensuring it is securely fastened and angled correctly to prevent the backflow of exhaust gases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use PelletVent Pro® for my wood pellet stove?
A: Yes, PelletVent Pro® is specifically designed for stoves and inserts that use wood pellets as fuel.

Q: What is the maximum temperature PelletVent Pro® can handle?
A: PelletVent Pro® is rated for continuous use flue temperatures up to 570°F, making it suitable for various heating applications.

Q: Is PelletVent Pro® compatible with biofuels other than wood pellets?
A: Yes, PelletVent Pro® can vent biofuel products like corn, switchgrass, coffee husks, and more, in addition to wood pellets and oil.

Q: Do I need to maintain a specific clearance to combustibles?
A: PelletVent Pro® allows for a 1" clearance to combustibles in both the USA and Canada, ensuring safe and versatile installations.

Q: Is professional installation recommended?
A: While experienced DIYers can install PelletVent Pro®, professional installation is often recommended to ensure compliance with local codes and safety standards.

DuraVent's PelletVent Pro® is a top-tier venting system that offers durability, safety, and performance for stoves and inserts using a variety of fuels. By following the installation guide and considering the frequently asked questions, you can confidently set up your PelletVent Pro® system, providing efficient venting for your heating appliance while ensuring the safety of your home.


DuraVent, Inc. (“DuraVent”) provides this limited lifetime warranty for all of its products with the exception of Ventinox® (lifetime), and PolyPro® (ten years). Subject to the limitations set forth below, DuraVent warrants that its products will be free from defects in material or manufacturing, if properly installed, maintained and used.

DuraVent products are fully warranted if installed only by a professional installer. This Warranty is transferable from the original homeowner to the buyer of the home.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, smoke damage or damage caused by chimney fires, acts of God, or any product that was:

(1) purchased other than from an authorized DuraVent dealer, retailer or distributor;

(2) modified or altered;

(3) improperly serviced, inspected or cleaned; or (4) subject to negligence or any use not in accordance with the installation instructions included with the product as determined by DuraVent.

This limited lifetime warranty applies only to parts manufactured by DuraVent.

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Last updated on June 10th 2024.



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