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PelletVent Pro® Venting System

PelletVent Pro® is an advanced venting solution meticulously designed by Duravent to cater to stoves and inserts that utilize wood pellets, corn, oil, and other biofuels. Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, PelletVent Pro® features an inner wall made of corrosion-resistant superferritic metal, ensuring robust performance against the harsh conditions of flue gases. Its attention to detail and performance is further enhanced by a laser-welded double-wall construction, making it a superior choice for safe and efficient venting.

PelletVent Pro® is engineered for appliances that burn a diverse array of fuels. Beyond traditional wood pellets and oil, it effectively vents biofuel products such as corn, switchgrass, cherry pits, soybeans, coffee husks, sunflower hulls, walnut shells, and wheat. Rated for continuous use with flue temperatures up to 570°F, this system offers versatility and reliability in both residential and commercial settings.

Materials and Construction:
This venting system boasts a double-wall pipe construction with a 0.012-inch thick 444 stainless steel inner wall and a 0.018-inch thick laser-welded galvalume outer wall. Available with a painted black exterior, the system ensures a sleek integration into various architectural styles. The design includes a primary metal-to-metal connection that seals each joint robustly, complemented by an encapsulated o-ring for an additional layer of sealing.

PelletVent Pro® offers an impressive safety profile with a minimal clearance of only 1 inch to combustibles, approved in both the USA and Canada. This feature facilitates closer installation to walls and other structural elements, enhancing the flexibility of appliance placement.

Shrouds and Listings:
Every component of the PelletVent Pro® system is UL listed according to Duravent shroud specifications, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards. The system is certified under c-UL-us to UL 641 (MH8381 and MH14420) and ULC to ULC S609, ULC/ORD C441 (CMH1439 and CMH1440).

To accommodate various installation needs, PelletVent Pro® is available in 3-inch and 4-inch diameters, ensuring adaptability across different stove sizes and room configurations.

Leadership and Innovation:
Since the 1980s, Duravent has led the industry with pioneering venting solutions, marking a legacy where approximately three out of every four pellet stoves in the US and Canada now employ a Duravent pellet venting system.

Combining cutting-edge technology, rigorous safety measures, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, PelletVent Pro® is the ultimate solution for efficient and safe stove venting.


Frequently Asked Questions about PelletVent Pro®

Q: What types of fuels can PelletVent Pro® accommodate?
A: PelletVent Pro® is designed for stoves and inserts that use wood pellets, corn, oil, and other biofuels such as cherry pits, switchgrass, coffee husks, and more.

Q: What certifications does PelletVent Pro® hold?
A: PelletVent Pro® is c-UL-us Listed to UL 641 and ULC Listed to ULC S609 and ULC/ORD C441, ensuring it meets stringent safety and quality standards.

Q: What are the available diameters for the PelletVent Pro® system?
A: The system is available in 3-inch and 4-inch diameters to suit different installation requirements.

Q: Can PelletVent Pro® be used for both residential and commercial installations?
A: Yes, PelletVent Pro® is suitable for both residential and commercial applications due to its robust design and compliance with safety standards.

Q: Is PelletVent Pro® available in different colors?
A: Select components of PelletVent Pro® are available in black, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing integration into various settings.

Q: What is the clearance requirement for PelletVent Pro®?
A: PelletVent Pro® requires only a 1-inch clearance to combustibles, as per its UL listing, which is applicable in both the USA and Canada.

Q: How does the double-wall construction of PelletVent Pro® enhance its performance?
A: The double-wall, air-insulated design provides superior performance by maintaining high flue gas temperatures and reducing the build-up of creosote, increasing efficiency and safety.

Q: Are the seams of PelletVent Pro® sealed?
A: Yes, all seams, including those on elbows, tees, and fittings, are factory-sealed to enhance the integrity and safety of the system.

Q: What is the maximum flue temperature rating for PelletVent Pro®?
A: PelletVent Pro® is rated for continuous use with flue temperatures up to 570°F.