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Grinding a fireplace doorEach and every one of our fireplace doors are made by hardworking Americans here in the United States.  Each fireplace door is custom made to your measurements, ensuring a quality, one of a kind piece for your home.  

Please understand that quality, custom pieces take time to make.  Most of our doors can be shipped out within 4 weeks (plus shipping time), and some others within 6-8 weeks.  When shopping for your fireplace door, please click on the shipping tab to find out what the estimated lead time is for your fireplace door.  Unless it says otherwise in the description, we cannot speed this process up.  Quality sometimes takes a little longer to achieve.

Once your order has been placed, we will send you an email confirming your order.  You will receive another email once your fireplace door is shipped out.  There is no way for us to speed up the process between taking the order and shipping the order.  This is the 4+ week period where your fireplace door is being made.  We understand time constraints and the need to have your fireplace door asap.  The only thing we can suggest is to purchase one of our doors that are in our clearance section, or to make sure to order early enough to give us the 4-6 weeks we need to create a quality fireplace door for you.

Thank you so much for understanding. 

Fireplace Door Timeline

Last updated on August 7th 2019.