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Contemporary Gas Log Sets

Make way for the next generation of fireplaces with these linear, contemporary gas log sets! Some of the burners bare it all and others have minimalist log sets in driftwood or aspen. For those looking for something a little more untraditional, try the sets with smooth fire stones and rivers rocks. Some have reflective backplates that will help more light to emit from your firebox. Fire glass is optional for almost all of these log sets and, for the first time, pebble-like fire beads. The burners range in size from 18 inches to 30 inches. And they can be used in virtually any fireplace as they are approved for use in wood-burning, prefab, and vent-free fireboxes. 



How can I tell if my fireplace burner is just a fire starter for logs or designed for use with artificial logs? Is there a difference?

  • Yes, there is a big difference. The log lighter can only be used to start a fire in a wood-burning fireplace and is shut off as soon as the wood catches fire. Gas log burner can run constantly and are to be used with gas log sets only.
  • All gas log burners have a black burner tray that is either covered with sand (for natural gas) or lava rock (for liquid propane).
  • A log lighter is a piece of pipe underneath the log grate and is controlled by a shut-off valve outside the fireplace opening.