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Consider Adding a Fireplace to Your Home

 Mar 13, 2020    Heating

Why You Should Consider Adding a Fireplace to Your Home

Masonry Gothic Arch Fireplace Door
Fireplaces make a great addition to any home and while many homes are built with one, if yours wasn’t it’s time to consider an addition!

For many Americans, a wood fireplace is an essential part of the home. Even if it’s purely for decorative reasons having a fireplace adds an undeniable ambiance to the atmosphere, not to mention increase home value. And, for areas where the power goes out during severe storms, a fireplace may serve to keep your home warm and food cooked!

Check out our list on the benefits of having a fireplace added to your home (if you don’t already have one!)

Wood Fireplaces Increase Your Home Value

Homes with fireplaces are more attractive, according to many real estate professionals. Having a functioning, aesthetically pleasing fireplace can increase your home value by several thousand dollars when it comes time to move onto something else.

While most homes in America have a wood fireplace, those that don’t just don’t do as well and while a wood stove may be more efficient when it comes to cooking, many potential homebuyers want the ambiance and feel of a crackling fireplace.

After all, what says romantic evening in more than snuggling in front of the fire?!

Fireplaces Can Heat Your Home

Historically fireplaces served the invaluable purpose of keeping the home warm and cooking meals. Just because we have electric stoves and central heating doesn’t mean fireplaces can’t still do those things! By installing a blower you can use just a little electricity to warm your living space without running expensive heating appliances—or at least not using them as much.

Buying A Fireplace: 5 Essential Questions You Need To Ask Yourself
Not sure what kind of fireplace you should get? Check out one of our article ‘Buying A Fireplace: 5 Essential Questions You Need To Ask Yourself’ and see the pros and cons of a wood fireplace vs gas among other things!

Fireplaces Can Cook!

In addition to heating your home, you can actually use your fireplace to cook! Though this applies only to wood fireplaces (you can’t cook in ventless gas fireplaces), you can actually cook food using your wood-burning fireplace. The Acadia Wood Fireplace Insert by Custom Metal Company is perfect if you are looking to upgrade your wood-burning fireplace with a fireplace insert.

Inserts are ideal if you have major repairs that need to be done to your firebox. With a fireplace insert, you can just put it in and still have a beautiful fireplace without the bother of major firebox repairs! And with some models, you can prepare meals right there.

Fireplaces Create the Perfect Ambiance

For most people, a crackling fireplace and the smell of certain kinds of wood will really enhance your evening. Whether you want to have a romantic evening or celebrate the holidays with stockings hanging from the mantel, fireplaces are an iconic part of the American home life and one that you definitely should have!





Keeping Your Fireplace Safe

Like all good things in life, maintenance and care are needed when you own a fireplace. Regular cleaning, inspection, and using the right kind of wood, gas, and accessories are essential to keeping a fireplace safe while also enjoying the ambiance of it.

We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality fireplace and fire product products, but we also care about your safety. Our Resources section is full of guides, how-tos and other content that will help you make sure your fireplace is safe year after year. Check some of them out below!

There are many benefits to having a fireplace, such as keeping warm and getting more money for your home when it’s time to sell. And, any risks that come with it can be easily negated with proper care and maintenance of your fireplace.

If you’ve got questions about your fireplace, why not ask the expert himself? Our ‘Ask Chris’ feature allows you to email Chris directly and take advantage of his decades of fireplace experience. You’ll get the answers you need!

Last updated on March 7th 2022.


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