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Wedge Fit Mounting Bracket Method: Design Specialties

Wedge Fit Mounting Bracket Method: Design Specialties Factory Built Fireplace Doors

When it comes to fireplace door installation, Design Specialties includes fireplace glass door hardware for your convenience. Due to the array of factory built fireplace manufacturers on the market today, many models must be attached with the use of wedge fit brackets to ensure a secure fit. This fireplace door mounting kit includes the appropriate number of brackets and screws. Fireplace Doors Online believes that this task can be accomplished by virtually any homeowner; however, fireplace door installation can be carried out by a contractor.

Wedge fit mounting brackets are used when there is an absence of a metal frame inside the fireplace opening to attach standard brackets (standard brackets are not included with this kit). Wedge fit brackets are designed to fit in the space between the refractory material and the metal box and are to be used in combination with the standard mounting method.

Here is the hardware you'll receive in your standard fireplace door mounting kit (left), and the tools needed for installation (right):
  Tools needed for wedge fit mounting method


  • In each of the top two corners of the fireplace opening, place an "S" shaped bracket behind the fireplace facing as shown in Figure #1 below (click on picture to enlarge). This is a side view of the bracket union. 
  • Use your pencil to mark the locations of the top bracket slots. 
  • Using a 1/8" drill bit, drill a hole at each marked slot location (there will be 4 altogether, among the 2 top brackets).
  • Place the top brackets into position. Use a Phillips screwdriver and the screws provided in your wedge fit mounting kit to attach the brackets to the fireplace through the slots. 
  • Attach your standard mounting brackets (1 per side) to the secured top bracket as shown in Figure #1. Once installed, the set up should look like Figure #2 (click on picture to enlarge) - this is the front view of the top bracket union.
  • In Figure #3, the wedge fit brackets are mounted to the back of the fireplace door main frame at the bottom corners. The frame studs are inserted through the top or bottom slots of the wedge bracket (installations will vary) and secured with a hex nut. The bracket is wedged between the refractory and the metal face. Additional screws can be used to secure the bracket for extra strength. 
Wedge Fit Bracket setupUnion of brackets - front viewAttach bottom bracket

Fireplace Door Adjustment:

Fireplace doors come fully assembled and adjusted prior to leaving the manufacturer. However, shifting of the glass doors during shipment may occur. In this case, a quick adjustment to ensure the glass door hang properly may be necessary.

After installing your new Design Specialties zero clearance fireplace doors, check to see how they open and close. Look for gaps at the center, as well as between the glass doors and the frame.

If the gaps in the center are the same, but the tops are not in alignment (See Example #1 below - click on picture to enlarge), you may need to move the bottom frame over to make the tops of the doors level with each other. Loosen the hex or wing nut behind both of the bottom brackets; then shift the bottom of the door over until the glass is adjusted correctly. Retighten the hex or wing nuts.

Gaps between center glass panesGaps between doors & frameUse Phillips screwdriver to loosen & retighten screw in hinge.

If the gap between the glass at the center appears different from top to bottom (See Example #2 above - click on picture to enlarge), a hinge adjustment will be needed. Keep in mind that the gap between the two center glass panes should be approximately 1/8 of an inch. You will need to determine which hinge is out of alignment. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the screw that secures the hinge to the frame (see Figure #4 - click on picture to enlarge). Slide the hinge over slightly and retighten. Check the door and repeat this procedure as necessary. 

Please note:

It is up to the installer (be it homeowner or contractor) to determine the best method of ensuring the fireplace door is mounted securely to the opening. At times, the use of an alternative mounting system (in place of or in combination with standard brackets) may be necessary to achieve the best results.


Last updated on September 21st 2020.

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