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Selkirk 5" x 12" Ultra-Temp Insulated Chimney Lengths 5UT-12

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Selkirk 5" x 12" Ultra-Temp Insulated Chimney Lenghts 5UT-12 serve as the primary building blocks of a chimney system. It should be made by the same company as the other components, and their interior diameters ought to be identical. The Ultra-Temp is designed for installations that use all fuel types and has a stainless steel outer case. They have a cutting-edge engineering design with a 300 Series inner pipe and a 1" solid pack of mineral wool fiber insulation. They are UL listed to UL-103 HT specifications.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Inner Liner
  • 430 Stainless Steel Outer Wall
  • 1" Solid Pack Mineral Wool Insulation
  • All residential fuels
  • Adjustable lengths for ease of installation
  • Multiple Support Kits available
  • 4" Diameter available for tiny homes and recreational applications
  • Ultra-Temp and Galva-Temp can be combined to make a complete and cost effective solution
  • Smart Choice Warranty on all components


 Pipe Inside Diameter:   5"
 Height:   12"
 Outside Diameter:   7-Inch
 Material:  Stainless Steel
 Fuel Type:   Coal, Oil, Wood
 UL Listed:   UL-103
 Clearance:   2" to combustibles
 Vent Construction:  Double Wall
 Pipe Type:   Chimney Lenghts


Essential Notice:

The ULTRA-TEMP/GALVA-TEMP Chimney Systems that have been tested to the maximum temperatures required by Underwriters' Laboratories Safety Standard for Factory-Built Chimneys (UL®-103). This encompasses the ULTRA-TEMP® HT/GALVA-TEMP® HT chimney systems.

  • Diameter Sizes: Offered in 4" (UT), 5", 6", 7" & 8".
  • Part Identification: The parts are identified by the abbreviations UT and GT.
  • Clearances: Chimney systems must maintain a minimum of 2" clearance of airspace from combustible materials
  • Listing: The chimney system is certified by UL 103 Type HT.
  • Temperature Ratings: The systems have been tested to withstand a maximum temperature of 2100°F for 10 minutes, 1400°F for 60 minutes, and can operate continuously at a maximum temperature of 1000°F.

The Selkirk Chimney System (SCS) is designed to be an optimum choice for venting residential heating appliances that use fuels like wood, #2 oil, and both natural and LP gas. The SCS is particularly adapted for the latest, high-efficiency airtight wood stoves. It is intended for use with gravity (natural draft) and nonpositive internal pressure venting only.
If it is needed for use with an appliance having a power burner like an oil furnace, it can perform effectively, provided the appliance functions with neutral or negative draft at the outlet. However, non-residential appliances that may lead to positive pressure within the chimney are recommended to use a Selkirk Commercial Model PS or IPS system.


Selkirk Support Structures are precisely engineered with the capability to handle up to four times their maximum specified system weight at its maximum allowed height.
Framing Table

  • * Framing dimensions may exceed the given values by a maximum of 1/2", but they should not be lesser than the stated numbers. Please verify the support dimensions before application.
  • ** The 4" chimney has received approval for usage at its provided clearance by the Ceiling Support.

Support Table


  • You can suspend up to 20 feet of chimney under a roof support with all joints tightened and stabilized using locking bands or screws (Option A).
  • Kindly note that sloped ceilings and roofs will not have a square opening, instead, they should maintain a 2" opening.
  • The specified guidelines are applicable only to flat roof and/or ceiling penetrations. The maximum support for a 4" component is 50 feet. This includes Ceiling Supports (BCS, LCS, and CSG), Wall Support (WS), Roof Support (RS), and Anchor Plate (AP).

Chimney Height Above Roof Guidelines:

Rule 1: The section of the chimney that meets the roof must rise a minimum of 3 feet above the roof's highest point.
Rule 2: Any segment of the chimney within 10 feet horizontally from a roof structure or surface must extend at least 2 feet above.


Step 1: Multiply the roof's pitch section by the distance in feet from the peak.
Step 2: Add 24 inches to the calculation result to comply with requirement #2.
Step 3: Determine the necessary chimney height to surpass the roof line.

Please note: The measurements highlighted in blue have been adjusted to 36 inches to comply with requirement #1.
According to regulations, the chimney needs to extend a minimum of three feet above the highest point where it traverses the roof surface. In addition, it should be at least two feet taller than any part of the building within a horizontal span of ten feet.

Roof Pitch & Chimney Height



Selkirk Corporation, ("Selkirk", "we", "us", "our") warrants our residential Chimney & Venting products (* defined below) to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

For products installed after January 1, 2009, for a period of Ten (10) years from original installation, we will provide replacement product with a similar or like quality of available Selkirk product, free of charge, excluding any installation costs.

From the Eleventh (11) through Fifteenth (15) years, we will provide replacement product at a cost of 75% off the published Retail Price in effect on the date the claim is received, excluding any installation costs.

At expiration of the Fifteen (15) year term, we will provide replacement product at a cost of 50% off the published Retail Price in effect on the date the claim is received excluding any installation costs. This warranty coverage is non-transferable and applies exclusively to the original consumer.

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