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Ceramic Glass With Slight Amber Tint

Pyroceram Ceramic Glass For Heater Rated Hearth Appliances

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  • Material: Pyroceram
  • Thickness: 3/16 inch | 1/8 Inch
  • Tint: Transparent Amber
  • Pattern Cut: Rectangle Cut | Square Cut
  • Temperature Rating: 1250°F (677°C)
  • Use On: Wood Stoves & Inserts | Coal Stoves & Inserts | Pellets Stoves & Inserts | Heater Rated Gas Fireplaces & Stoves
  • Don't Use On: Cooktops | Zero-Clearance Fireplace Doors | None Heater Rated Gas Appliances
  • Sizes Larger Than 36" x 20": Call
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This rectangle cut ceramic glass is suitable for most pellet, wood, and coal stoves or inserts (up to 36"). This amber transparent ceramic material is ideal for high-temperature applications. Ceramic glass is also known as Pyroceram, Neoceram, and Robax brand names. Ceramics tolerate continuous exposure to high temperatures without fear of damage.

Please use a metal tape measure to measure for your piece of glass. Use the diagram above to know exactly what measurements we need to correctly cut your glass. When heated, this Pyroceram glass can expand, so make sure to allow a 1/8" accommodation for this occurrence when measuring.

Ceramic glass can withstand up to three times the heat of tempered glass. Ceramic glass can tolerate a continuous temperature of 1292° F. This product has been manufactured to resist breaking against extreme temperature changes. Extreme temperature changes are also referred to as thermo shock. The thermal shock rating (TSR) is 1380° F.

Ceramic Glass Tips, Tricks & Recommendation:
  • Glass expands when heated! Please request your cut of glass to be at least 1/8" shy of the mounting surface. This measurement will allow for a safe thermal expansion. We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to improper calculations!
    • If your original ceramic glass sheet is still intact and you are able to obtain all of the dimensions needed for your rectangle custom cut product, you may use the glass for measuring purposes. However, we highly recommend double checking your measurements against the mounting surface for 100% accuracy.
  • Metal screws and mounting hardware also expand when exposed to high temperatures! To avoid damage to your glass when your appliance is in use, please do not over-tighten hardware. We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to hardware that has been secured too firmly.
  • Please submit any additional information, questions, or concerns you may have about your online glass request to the "Notes" box on this product page.
  • For your safety, please do not bump or bang into the hot glass with logs, tools or toys. Hot glass can break. Please check with your owner's manual for details on replacement glass.
  • Ceramic glass does not shatter but will crack and break into large shards/pieces.
  • Ceramic glass should NEVER be installed on a factory-built fireplace or prefab unit unless heater rated and specified in the owner's manual. Unfortunately, this can also result in overheating and a potential house fire.


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Manufacturer's Warranty

NAPOLEON products are manufactured under the strict Standard of the world recognized ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Assurance Certificate. NAPOLEON products are designed with superior components and materials assembled by trained craftsmen who take great pride in their work. The burner and valve assembly are leak and test-fired at a quality test station. The complete appliance is again thoroughly inspected by a qualifi ed technician before packaging to ensure that you, the customer, receives the quality product that you expect from NAPOLEON. The following materials and workmanship in your new NAPOLEON gas appliance are warranted against defects for as long as you own the appliance. This covers: combustion chamber, heat exchanger, stainless steel burner, phazer™ logs and embers, rocks, ceramic glass (thermal breakage only), gold plated parts against tarnishing, porcelainized enameled components and aluminum extrusion trims.* Electrical (110V and millivolt) components and wearable parts are covered and NAPOLEON will provide replacement parts free of charge during the fi rst year of the limited warranty. This covers: blowers, gas valves, thermal switch, switches, wiring, remote controls, ignitor, gasketing, and pilot assembly.* Labour related to warranty repair is covered free of charge during the fi rst year. Repair work, however, requires the prior approval of an authorized company offi cial. Labour costs to the account of NAPOLEON are based on a predetermined rate schedule and any repair work must be done through an authorized NAPOLEON dealer. * Construction of models vary. Warranty applies only to components included with your specifi c appliance. NAPOLEON GAS APPLIANCE PRESIDENT’S LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY

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I'm looking at ceramic glass replacements for 2 separate Lennox MPD3530CNM gas fireplace inserts. Please provide guidance re: your warning that the units need to be "heater rated". what does that mean? I don't know if the existing glass is ceramic or tempered, but it's now permanently stained/burned from use. Any help is appreciated.

Asked by Bob Roche | 12-03-2019, 12:42 PM | 1 answer(s)
Last updated on April 5th 2021.


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