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Platinum Bright Embers for Vented Gas Logs

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Upgrade your vented gas logs by placing our Platinum Bright Embers under and around the fireplace grate. You'll create the look of toasty coals nestled at the bottom of your fireplace and a warmer fire from the radiating, broadband, infrared heat. Made from high grade ceramic wool, this product displays an intense, bright radiance to complete the look of your ceramic timbers in our vented heating application. Big things come in small packages, and the 0.7 gram bag will provide enough coverage for a vented log set up to 42 inches wide. These natural looking rock wool embers are suitable for both natural gas and propane!

When using these gas log embers, remember they need both fuel and air to burn their brightest!  Take a square of embers and gently pull it apart, allowing air to get down into the fibers. Place a single layer across the burner, making sure the flames touch the embers. Continue this process with the rest of your packet of embers, spacing them around your gas log set in a form that is pleasing to your eye. Make sure that each ember is able to be touched by the fire.  Do not clump embers together.


We recommend wearing a pair of gloves when handling Platinum Bright Embers. Because the fibers are similar to fiberglass, they can easily irritate your skin. Do not breathe in dust from the embers while you are putting them in place. Do not touch your face while handing embers, and thoroughly wash your hands when you're done. 

Platinum Bright Embers for Vented Gas Logs Specifications Product Specifications:

  • Material: High Grade Ceramic Wool
  • Packaging: 0.7 Gram Bag
  • Use With: Vented Gas Logs Only

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I am interested in your Platinum Bright Ember. Under Features and Benefits. You stated that these embers "work for both vent free and vented gas fireplaces. The last statement under Features and Benefits is "FOR VENTED GAS LOGS ONLY". I confused by this? Which statement is right? I have vent free fireplace, so before I order your product, I need to know if I can use it. Thank you.

Asked by SUSAN MAHALEY | 01-09-2017, 11:41 AM | 1 answer(s)
Last updated on April 21st 2022.



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