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Outdoor lighting

Light your walkways, porch, patio, deck, and garden pathways with outdoor lighting from Fireplace Doors Online. Make your outdoors glow with our many different styles to fit the groove of your design. 


Post Lights

The great thing about post lights is that they are versatile. They can be placed on fence posts, pedestals, walls, or along walkways for safe paths.

Post lights are quite common for outdoor lighting as they are simple to install and add a certain appeal to your outdoor space. Our post lights are made to match your style but are durable and made to withstand the elements. 

You have options for gas or electric outdoor post lights to fit your needs. The styles range from classic to modern options and you can choose to mount on a pole or even your fence. The options are endless!

Hanging Lights

The hanging lights are perfect as they can illuminate entryways, patios, and decks while being beautiful and decorative. If making a statement is your goal for your outdoor lighting hanging lights can do this for you.

Hanging lights are great for tall openings in front of your doors or even in an outdoor space like a gazebo. Each light has its own style and glass to give your hanging light the perfect design.

Our hanging lights are made from cast aluminum and some are made with brass. All our hanging lights are made to last so take a peek and find your match!

Landscape Lights

Our landscape lights drip a zen garden vibe with heavy Japanese influence. Made to awe and amaze our landscape lights will give your yard a unique makeover.

Landscape lights are made to give you a rustic to modern design to match your decor! The lights are made of granite or basalt to be long-lasting and protect from the outdoor elements.

Give yourself some expression in your outdoor oasis with these unique lights today!

Flush Mount Lighting 

Our flush mount is great for those with entrances that don't allow for hanging lights. A flush mount light is made to be directly installed onto a surface for a clean and perfect fit.

The flush mount lighting is ideal for covered patios, decks, and outdoor fixtures. You can also use the flush mount lighting for outside of your door to avoid coming home and unlocking your door at night.

We have some amazing styles to choose from in order to keep your outdoor spaces looking up to date and fantastic!


Do the outdoor lighting fixtures withstand the weather?

  • Yes! Our outdoor lighting fixtures all are made with materials to help withstand all elements. Just be aware that to extend the life of your lighting basic maintenance should be done periodically.

What are the benefits of landscape lighting?

  • Installing landscape lighting can improve the look of your home! They can make your home the focal point of the street and bring a unique look during both night and day time. Landscape lighting can also bring a sense of security to your home as you will have better visuals outdoors.

How should I choose the lighting fixture for me?

  • It can be tough to choose the type of lighting you want to install for your outdoors. There are many options and styles to choose from. Take your time looking through and pick the lighting that best fits your vision. If you have questions about any of our lighting options please reach out to us!

Gas Lights

Gas lighting has been around for ages and it still gives the perfect lighting to any home. Our outdoor gas lights are easy on the eyes lighting that will give your outdoor space the old time feel.

You don't have to worry about pesky insects being attracted to your outdoor gas lights as they give off an amber glow. Insects are not attracted to the type of illumination from a gas light. 

If you are wanting more of an illumination with your lights we have options! We offer three types of burner style to fit your needs!

  1. Dual inverted & upright burners can withstand windy conditions and work even when the power goes out. They provide the same output as a 50 watt electric bulb while using minimal energy (equivalent to a pilot light).
  2. Open flame burners imitate an antique gas lamp appearance with a flickering, fish-tail flame. These burners are very low maintenance and reliable!
  3. Out of the three burners, the dual inverted burner offers the brightest illumination. Outdoor gas lighting is low maintenance and will just require a once in a while cleaning. Here are the steps for your routine maintenance.


For Dual Inverted and Upright Burner Gas Lamps:

  1. Replace gas mantles at least once per year
  2. Remove glass panels and clean with hot soapy water/glass cleaner periodically.
  3. To improve performance, remove debris at least twice per year. This will help maintain airflow to your gas mantles.
  4. Blow out gas lines yearly to assure proper gas supply to your lamp.


For Open Flame Gas Lamps:

  1. Remove glass panels and clean with hot soapy water/glass cleaner periodically
  2. To improve performance, remove debris at least twice per year. This will help maintain airflow to your gas mantles.
  3. Clean the open flame burner tip at least twice per year. To do so, use a piece of dental floss, or wire brush to remove any debris/soot that has settled in the burners tip.

Take some time to look over your options for the outdoor gas lighting! We promise you will not be disappointed!


Are gas lamps safe?

  • Gas lighting is safe. We take pride in the safety of your family and want to give you the look you want without the worry. Our gas lights are quality made to withstand the elements and to give you ease.

When was gas used for lighting?

  • Gas lights have been used since the 1800's and have been updated with more safety features than ever now. 

How does a gas light work?

  • A gas light uses fuel to burn like a propane or natural gas. These lights do produce some heat as they are fuel burning. The lights are made to withstand the heat they give off.

Do gas lights attract bugs?

  • The great thing about gas lights is that they can give off illumination but they don't attract the bugs! The light that emits from the outdoor gas lights are more of an amber glow which does not attract insects. 

Landscape Lighting

If you're looking for the perfect finishing touch to complete your outdoor living space, then our wide selection of decorative landscape lights will add a unique sense of style, beauty, and elegance to your outdoor setting! We have lights such as boulder lights, lanterns, and guideposts!

Homeowners love to bring their property to life and make the investment to provide safety, entertainment, and charm to their homes. The pure sequence of lighting can alter your outdoor spaces into the perfect oasis. There are many techniques you can use to work the best layout. Luckily we have an amazing blog for tips to improving your outdoor lighting by the FAQ's!

Our landscape lighting come in many different types to either light up your pathway, patio area, or even your garden. Landscape lighting is perfect for setting the mood for the space you want! They are perfect for enhancing functionality as well as visibility.

The landscape lights are built for durability against all weather conditions. Please keep in mind that you will want to keep some general maintenance up with your lighting.

Cross off your outdoor lighting from your to-do list and shop with us today!


Do landscape lights use a lot of electricity?

  • There are variables that will contribute to the amount of electric usage your landscape lighting will use. Like the type of light bulb, the light bulb wattage, and how often your lights will be in use. We suggest reaching out to your electric provider to help with this type of question.

How does landscape lighting work?

  • You will install your landscape lighting and they are drilled to be electric. Once you have your electric aspect all installed, then you will light them up. If you are having issues with installing your electric parts, please reach out to a professional.

What wattage should landscape lights be?

  • The ideal wattage for a landscape light is 80 watts or below. If you're looking to light up pathways, it's suggested to use a 40 watts or lower bulb. There will also be instructions on the suggest wattage within your directions packet.