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Glowing Embers for Vented Gas Logs 6 Ounce

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These glowing rock wool embers add an extra touch of realism to your ceramic rustic timbers! Designed to be used with vented gas log sets, these gas log embers will glow and twinkle when touched by the flames -- just like the real thing! Rock wool is actually a combination of lava rock and calcium carbonate, melted at a high temperature and then spun like cotton candy. (Do not eat) The 6-oz package is enough to enhance the look of any 20 inch wide vented gas log set!

When using Glowing Embers, keep in mind that they need both fuel and air to burn their brightest! Take a square of embers and gently pull it apart, allowing oxygen to get down into the fibers. Place a single layer across the burner, making sure the flames will reach the embers. Do not clump the embers together. Continue this process with the rest of the packet, spacing them around your gas log set to mimic a realistic cinder bed.

FOR VENTED GAS LOG SETS ONLY! This product is compatible with both natural gas and propane. 

We recommend wearing a pair of gloves when handling Glowing Embers. Because the fibers are similar to fiberglass, they can easily irritate your skin. Do not breathe in dust from the embers while you are putting them in place. Do not touch your face while handing embers, and thoroughly wash your hands when you're done. 

Glowing Embers for Vented Gas Logs 6 Ounce Specifications Product Specifications:

  • Material: Rock Wool
  • Packaging: 6 Ounces
  • Use With: Vented Gas Log Sets

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Last updated on April 21st 2022.



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