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Fire By Design 12" Thermopile Replacement TP12-FS

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The Fire By Design 12" Field Serviceable Thermopile Replacement for Pilot Burner Assembly TP12-FS is a high-quality replacement component for the AWEIS primary pilot burner assembly. Available in multiple sizes, this hot surface igniter allows for simple, reliable ignition of your fuel source. A thermopile is an electronic device that converts thermal energy into electrical energy. It is composed of several thermocouples connected usually in series or, less commonly, in parallel.

Thermocouples operate by measuring the temperature differential from their junction point to the point at which the thermocouple output voltage is measured. When a closed circuit consists of more than one metal and has a difference in temperature between junctions and transitions between metals, a current is generated as if there were a difference in potential between the hot and cold junctions.


  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • For Use in Any/Only Fire By Design Field Serviceable Fire Feature Components
  • Converts Thermal Energy to Electrical Energy
  • Monitors Flames
  • Shuts Gas Off, when Flames go out.


 Size:  12"
 Includes:  Replacement Field Serviceable Thermopile


Manufacturer's Warranty

All Field Serviceable AWEIS and SUBEIS systems are warranted for (1) year from date of purchase
Commercial Applications and (3) years from date of purchase for Residential Applications provided the product has not been modified, abused, misused or improperly installed, maintained or repaired during such period. Manufacturer will at its discretion either repair or replace the defective product. If one of the Field Serviceable parts of an AWEIS or SUBEIS fails a replacement part will be provided at no charge to the customer. Shipping & Labor cost to replace the failed field serviceable is not covered under this warranty. If a part other than a Field Serviceable part fails that part will be replaced or repaired at no charge to the customer.

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Last updated on February 28th 2024.



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