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Feel The Burner | Fire Pit Burners Blog

 Apr 3, 2020    Outdoor Living


Imagine having a fire pit that burns perfectly no matter how windy it is. You know a gas fire pit in your back yard to bring out the perfect setting. The way to have all your dreams come true with the perfect fire pit is a fire pit burner. You’re probably thinking what is that?! The great news is that we will go over what they are and do and even compare two of the best kinds for you.

We did all the grunt work to make this choice an easy one for you with a brief explanation of all the burners available out there and we compared the best two options. Take your time in reading and choosing which burner is best suited for what you need!

What is this fire pit burner anyway?

The purpose of a fire pit burner is to move your gas throughout your fire pit. The type of gas used is either natural or liquid propane. Depending on the type of gas that you use will determine the type of burner you will need. Most burners have either choice available and as we do, have a drop-down to choose the type.

Firepit burners come in a multitude of shapes and sizes! This is where things get confusing for most. The different sizes and shapes actually do different things when installed in a fire pit. They can come in star-like shapes (Penta) to round shapes. They also may have multiple rings throughout the burner which is what gives you more of a flame.

You can also find a burner made from either stainless steel or aluminum. These two materials are best for withstanding the elements in your outdoor space. They are mostly rust-resistant and when cared for properly can last a long time! Both materials are very heat resistant as well and will not meltdown when you are burning a higher or hotter flame.

The burner itself is made up of tubes that have holes in them to allow the gas to travel and light the burner. There are many choices in how you want to light your burner from match lit to controlling the light with your phone! There is not a better way than another when it comes to lighting your burner so this is totally your preference. Personally, I’m lazy and would vouch for electronic control.

The best thing about a burner, in general, is this controls your fire better but you can control the amount of gas you use. Burners are great for your pocket too as they will save on your gas usage! There is a control valve on burners that regulates the fuel flow in order to control the fire and gas better! Lastly, burners are made to make your fire pit easier and more efficient! Shop around and find what is best for you!

All The Burners!

We compiled a shortlist and description of all the burners out there to give you an idea of your options. If you want to learn more about any specific burner click here and visit our burner options!

  • Round Burners: Round burners are in a circle shape and usually have multiple rings throughout. The round burners are great for log burners or items that don’t completely cover the burner. This is also one of the most commonly used.
  • Square Burners: These are more effective as they produce a taller and brighter flame. They are usually just a square with a middle tube running through and sometimes have points.
  • Tree Burners: The tree burner is made on one pipe down the middle and a few crossing over giving the impression of branches from a tree. They are great for a more natural fire as if you were burning wood!
  • Linear Burners: These burners are a straight one pipe burner with points to distribute the fire evenly in one straight line. They are great for a more contemporary fire pit!
  • Penta Burners: A Penta burner is in the shape like a star and are the best if you are looking for a full fire! The Penta burner is compatible with any material and will light no matter what!


Round burners are great for your fire pit and the most common you will find. Let’s dig into some pros and cons of this particular burner.

Pros                                                                                                                                         Cons

Great for a gas log sets to bring out a natural-looking fire                                                                                Can clog with water and debris

Distribute the gas output evenly                                                                                                                       Lighting the burner can be difficult

Give more control over the flame                                                                                                                     Can make a gurgling or whistling sound

Perfect for most to all fire pits regardless of the shape                                                                                     May need services to clean and drain

The round burner is very easy to choose as most fire pits come with a round burner and since they are most common. Just always keep in mind some of the cons outweigh the pros especially when it comes to your pocket! They are still a great option and we suggest avoiding the water issue with these burners to make sure to cover your fire pit when not in use!

Star Light, Star Bright

Penta burners look a lot like a star and are amazing in how they work! They are also easy to find and can be even easier to maintain. Let’s look at the pros and cons!

Pros                                                                                                                                                       Cons

                         Raised hub to shed water                                                                                                   Can be more expensive than other burners

                         Weep holes for drainage                                                                                                     Can be harder to find a replacement

                         Hidden in the material                                                                                                         Doesn’t make any sounds when lit

                        Lights every time                                                                                                                   Burn more gas

The Penta burners are perfectly made for your outdoor fire pit due to they are specifically made to light each time. They also give you the perfect fire experience no matter what the material used to cover them is. They also don’t have the worry about water retaining and damaging the burner or fire pit.

And The Winner Is….

All of them! There isn’t really a right or wrong burner to go with! All burners serve the same purpose and still will save your pocket as well as burn cleaner. We would like to point out that a penta burner really is the way to go if you are looking for easy and low maintenance without the hassle. Check out the video below for a visual comparing the burners!

In The End

In conclusion, installing a fire burner in general really does improve and help your fire pit burn more efficiently. There are many choices and we suggest going over what your fire pit needs or has previously had. But in my opinion, if you are looking for the perfect burner I suggest the Penta. It really is an amazing burner that will last and will make your life easy in any situation. 

Remember that if you are looking to add a burner to your fire pit, you will need to install this. If you are not sure about installing this yourself, please contact a professional!

Last updated on May 4th 2024.


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