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1/4 Inch Evergreen Reflective Glass

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Green—a hue synonymous with life, nature, and vitality—awakens the senses with visions of lush landscapes and verdant vistas. Now, your customers can infuse their living spaces with the vibrant energy of green using our Evergreen Reflective Glass 1/4" Size.

With its rich evergreen color, this fire glass brings to mind the beauty of springtime, deep forests, and verdant hillsides. Perfectly suited to complement décors featuring red, pink, and coral hues, it serves as a stunning highlight in any indoor or outdoor environment. When the fire feature is ignited, the mesmerizing display of sparkling evergreen glass coupled with bright yellow flames creates a magical ambiance that captivates all who gather around.

Transform your customers' living rooms into enchanting havens of freshness and vitality with our Evergreen Reflective Glass 1/4" Size. Whether used indoors or outdoors, its vibrant hue breathes life into any space, ensuring that every gathering is infused with the rejuvenating energy of nature's finest color.

Please Note: Fire Pit Glass should never be used to fill an entire feature (unless you are operating natural gas fuel). This is due to the fact that propane is a heavier gas than natural gas, which will sink to the bottom of your fire feature. The fire glass doesn't allow for the propane gas to circulate, which could lead to a hazardous situation. A Lava Rock filler is the safest choice for propane fueled burners, as it promotes air circulation for gas dispersion.


  • Material: Non-tumbled, color-infused, tempered glass
  • Type: Reflective
  • Color: Evergreen
  • Package Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Size: 1/4" thick

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Last updated on April 29th 2024.



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