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Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for a single room heater that is suitable for nearly any space in your home or apartment, consider a beautiful, safe, and versatile electric fireplaces!

Designed to be installed without the help of a contractor, our traditional-sized and linear electric fireplaces are also affordable and energy-efficient! In fact, they run on less voltage than a conventional space heater while delivering subtle warmth to the surrounding room.

Luminous simulated flames flicker and dance, without concerns of sparks, embers, soot, or chimney maintenance. Some manufacturers have even equipped their models with color-changing flames, entertaining you with a stunning red, blue, or purple display!

Electric fireplaces offer quite a few advantages over gas and wood-burning appliances:

  • 100% clean! No soot, creosote, or carbon monoxide is produced. No emissions and low BTU output make them code approved for bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Some of our electric fireplaces are rated for outdoor use!
  • LED units can operate for years without maintenance. LED, or Light Emitting Diode, technology is a long-lasting electrical component that produces crisp light for a fraction of the power of conventional light bulbs and can last as much as 40 times longer!
  • LED strips in electric fireplaces are hidden from view in the top or bottom of the firebox where they project reflective light through a motorized rotor. As the rotor slowly rotates, a prismatic pattern is displayed on the back of the firebox, resembling flames. For a more realistic effect, some manufacturers provide several colors of LED lights.
  • Most electric fireplaces can be used with or without the heater so you can enjoy a "fire" all year round!
  • Many electric fireplaces can be plugged into any standard 120V household outlet.
  • Your electric source can come from standard electric lines, or even solar and wind power. If you have a hefty whole-home battery backup system, your electric fireplace may still run during a power outage. However, if the unit is equipped with a heater, it may not be operable.
  • Electric fireplaces that are equipped with a heater use a heating element and hidden blower. The fan draws room air into the element, then delivers it back into the room. Vent position varies by fireplace model.
  • Electric fireplaces equipped with a heater are not designed for primary heat sources. They can generally heat up to 400 square feet, or the equivalent of a 20 by 20 square foot room. 
  • An electric fireplace with the heater on typically operates at around 12 amps and uses approximately 1500 watts per hour. (Make sure that solar or wind-powered electrical systems are capable of handling 1.5 kilowatts per hour when using heat.) With the heat off, the usage is significantly lower at around 20 to 20 watts per hour!

Some electric fireplaces come with special media, such as log pieces, stones, or tempered fire beads and crystals. Lava rock and regular glass beads that you would find in a home decoration or department store are not suitable for electric fireplaces.

We carry high quality, American-made fireplaces from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry today. You may recognize our Modern Flames Landscape series or the impressive Ambiance line. Our wall mount electric fireplaces range from a realistic flame to beautiful, otherworldly flame colors that’ll really wow you and your guests. We also have freestanding and electric fireplace television stands. You can make your indoor or outdoor living space spectacular for years to come with these durable electric fireplaces.