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Custom Fireplace Doors

Brookfield Custom Masonry Fireplace Door

A masonry fireplace is a one-of-a-kind work of art built to last with skill, careful planning and a complex understanding of the need for both function and beauty. These fireplaces are designed and built right from the beginning of a home’s construction, crafted by a mason who put a lot of thought and care into making sure the fireplace was integrated into the overall structure of the home. 

Your custom glass fireplace doors should be just as unique and carefully planned to complement your home’s structure and decor. A custom fireplace door offers you the opportunity to make your fireplace the focal point of the room, and a comfortable gathering place in your home. 

With custom fireplace glass doors, you will be able to design and select a wide array of customizable options, including the finish of the frame, the type of glass door and the tint of the glass, and some models even have a variety of different decorative door designs available to add a touch of unique character to your custom made fireplace doors. 

In addition to being able to choose the aesthetic aspects of your new fireplace door, you can also select options that help make your fireplace more efficient and safer. You can optimize the efficiency and safety of your fireplace by selecting a draft assembly and choosing a mesh option for your new door. 

A draft assembly will allow you to adjust the amount of air reaching the base of your fire, which will help you start and burn your fires more efficiently, and assist you with a dying fire. Hanging mesh curtains, or the less bulky cabinet mesh doors, are used to protect you and your family from the dangers of unchecked sparks. Many of these fireplace doors can have custom fireplace screen doors add onto them at a later date, so if they aren't in the budget just keep that in mind. Retrofit sliding or cabinet mesh is quick and easy to install too. These fireplace doors custom nature can provide you with an unlimited amount of options to build a completely unique custom fireplace door.

While this level of customization does make for slightly longer lead times than some of our fixed-size doors and fast-ship doors, it’s hard to beat having custom fireplace doors, tailored to fit your needs, and sized perfectly for your fireplace.

Let your fireplace be a statement. Let it be a treasure. 


Q: Can I close my fireplace doors when a fire is burning?

  • A: You can ONLY close your doors with a burning fire IF you have a wood burning masonry fireplace and your fireplace doors have ceramic glass. If your doors are the more common tempered glass, they must remain open when your fire is burning. 
  • A: If your fire is dying out, you can close the doors in slow increments, allowing the glass time to acclimate to the heat. Closing your doors too quickly, or when the fire is burning too hot can shatter tempered glass doors!

Q: Why should I get fireplace doors?

  • A: There are a number of reasons why fireplace doors are a good idea to have. Having the right set of doors on your fireplace can increase its efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. Ceramic glass doors and a draft assembly can help your fires burn more efficiently, and mesh curtains or doors can help protect your home and family from sparks. Doors can also keep debris from getting in or out of your fireplace. In addition to all of that, custom doors can add character and a personal touch to an important gathering place in your home.