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3 Reasons a Bromic Patio Heater is Right for You

 May 11, 2022    Outdoor Living

3 Reasons a Bromic Patio Heater is Right for You

Whether you want to spend more time outside, increase the earning potential of your outdoor spaces or just create a warm, inviting space for your guests to relax, you’ll want to consider investing in a Bromic Patio Heater. Bromic Tungsten Patio Heater

Today, we’re looking at some of the benefits of a Bromic Patio Heater for your home, rental property, restaurant, hotel, warehouse or really any outdoor space where people need to keep warm.

You’ll learn more about Bromic Heaters, what sets them apart from other types of patio heaters and discover why Bromic is one of the top choices for all of your outdoor heating needs. 

1. Bromic Patio Heaters Offer Innovative Design Features

One of the biggest names in outdoor space heating, Bromic Gas, Electric and Portable Patio Heaters are widely regarded as the industry standard for outdoor heating solutions. Bromic Heaters utilize radiant heat technology to keep people warm wherever and whenever they need it. 

On several occasions, Bromic Patio Heaters have been recognized for their innovative design features. Bromic Heaters have been the recipient of several awards including the 2019 Reddot Design Award and is a multiple-time winner of the Good Design Award.

These distinctions don't come as much of a surprise, especially given Bromic’s dedication to designing its heaters using state-of-the-art technology and innovative, luxury design features. It's also the reason why some of the biggest brands in hospitality such as Sheraton and Marriott along with a number of other world-renowned properties use Bromic Patio Heaters exclusively for their various outdoor gathering and guest dining spaces.  

Bromic Tungsten Gas Patio Heater

The wind-resistant design of a Bromic Patio Heater makes it effective in winds up to 13 mph. This is one feature that makes Bromic Heaters a popular outdoor hospitality heating solution for places such as restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs. To go with this, Bromic Patio Heaters offer enhanced heater element controls, a honeycomb fascia screen for optimal heat output and versatile mounting and placement options that free up valuable floor space or living space for your outdoor areas. 

Bromic Patio Heaters are all made of stainless steel, so they resist rust and corrosion. Designing each of its patio heaters with stainless steel also makes Bromic’s Heaters able to stand up to outdoor elements such as wind, rain and sleet. Since stainless steel offers increased protection from harsh outdoor elements, it’s a preferred material for many types of outdoor fire features and their accessories.

Although your Bromic Patio Heater isn’t designed for direct exposure to rain, sleet or snow and needs to be installed in a covered outdoor area, you’ll love the durability of a Bromic Patio Heater for your outdoor patio or gathering space. 

Bromic Patio Heaters Equipped With Smart-Heat™ Technology

A major reason for receiving several design awards and other recognitions is Bromic Outdoor Patio Heaters are designed with innovative, industry-leading Smart-Heat™ technology. Now, it’s important to note not all Bromic models are equipped with Smart-Heat™ technology, but those models that feature it include the Bromic Tungsten and Bromic Platinum collections – both of which are available in various sizes and wattages in the FDO store

Smart-Heat™ technology is revolutionizing the way homeowners, business owners and other hospitality industry professionals are heating their outdoor spaces. To give you a better idea of what you can expect from a Bromic Smart-Heat™ Patio Heater, check out the video we've included below.

As you can see, Smart-Heat™ Bromic Heaters are compatible with smart devices and smart home technology. This is just one of the ways that Bromic sets its products apart from others, and offers you one of the top outdoor heating solutions available on the market today. 

Additional Bromic Patio Heater Features

Bromic Patio Heaters also come with many useful features such as directional heating and dual element control. Directional heating allows you to focus your Bromic Patio Heater on different areas while dual element control gives you complete flexibility over the outdoor temperature. Couple these features with the available mounting options and innovative remote control designs, and you can start to see how Bromic Patio Heaters are widely regarded as one of the top names in outdoor luxury patio heating. 

2. Bromic Patio Heaters Offer Versatile Mounting Options 

When choosing outdoor heating options, it’s very easy to overlook the mounting aspect of your feature. One of the features that make Bromic Outdoor Patio Heaters such a versatile and impactful patio heating option is the various mounting options you’ll have for your feature.Bromic Portable Patio Heater

Bromic Heaters offer a range of mounting options that allow you to place your patio heater in the most optimal and desirable location possible, freeing up valuable floor space in the process. Depending on the type of Bromic Patio Heater you go with, gas or electric, you’ll have different mounting options. 

Of course, you can always make this decision easy and go with a Bromic Portable Patio Heater. Portable or freestanding Bromic Patio Heaters are easily moved around your outdoor spaces to fit your heating needs and layout preferences. As you can see from the picture, a Bromic Portable Patio Heater can be used virtually anywhere you need an outdoor heating solution including on the pier at the marina. 

From outdoor home spaces to large industrial and manufacturing settings, Bromic Patio Heaters work well anywhere an outdoor heating solution is needed. 

If you choose a gas or electric patio heater, your Bromic Patio Heater mounting options include: 

  • Wall mount

  • Recessed or flush ceiling mount

  • Pole mount

It’s important to note that the Bromic Patio Heaters already come with a wall mount. It’s also important to know that Bromic’s pole and recessed ceiling mounting kits are available at an additional charge, but with those kits, you’ll receive all of the hardware, instructions and installation parts you need to successfully install your mounting option and connect your Bromic Heater.

To give you a better idea, here’s a quick look at each of your mounting options works and what you can expect to get from the different options.

Wall Mount

Install your Bromic Patio Heater on an exterior wall adjacent to your patio or outdoor space. This is a great mounting option for homeowners with an open or uncovered patio or outdoor space and who want to install a permanent heating option to expand their living space.   

Bromic Wall Mount

Recessed (Flush) Ceiling Mount

This option allows you to Install your Bromic Patio Heater recessed into the ceiling of your outdoor space. The flush, permanent recessed mounting option keeps your Bromic Heater protected from weather and safe from natural hazards such as insects, rodents or birds looking to build nests on or around your outdoor features. This option also gives homeowners or commercial property managers more ceiling space to install other outdoor accents such as lighting or outdoor cooling.  

Bromic Outdoor Electric Patio Heater

Since most properties don't have a need for year-round outdoor heating solutions, the recessed mounting kit is especially useful for those properties and homes with seasonal outdoor cold weather. Installing your Bromic Patio Heater recessed into the ceiling gives it a permanent home for when your heater isn't being used. Instead of having to spend time and money moving your outdoor heating features in-between seasons, recessed mounts give homeowners and property managers peace of mind knowing their heating solution is already permanently installed in its desired location.

Pole Mount

Install your Bromic Patio Heater suspended from the ceiling of your outdoor space using poles and other hardware. This is an excellent option for industrial spaces such as hotels or restaurants with high outdoor ceilings. Pole mounts are useful for any space where a flush mount isn't practical. High ceilings or overhangs will impact your patio heater's radius, wasting radiant heat intended for warming people, not cold outdoor air.

Bromic Patio Heater Pole Mounts

The pole mounting kits for Bromic Heaters are incredibly useful options, especially when you’re installing your device in outdoor hospitality or industrial environments where wall mounting options are limited or wouldn’t be practical. With a pole-mounted Bromic Patio Heater, you’ll bring heat to the spaces that need it without sacrificing valuable floor space or limiting your Bromic feature’s heating radius. This saves you both time and money in the long run.  

Important Installation Notes for a Bromic Outdoor Patio Heater 

Gas and electric patio heaters should be placed with plenty of distance from combustibles. Always be sure to follow all recommended clearances and take accurate measurements before mounting your new outdoor patio heater in its desired location. This will save you time and keep you from having to uninstall your patio heater and remount it in another spot. And it’s also going to prevent you from creating a fire hazard for your home or business, which inevitably leads to more serious issues.

Bromic Patio Heater installation

We recommend contacting a licensed gas or electric professional to come out to your home or business and install, mount and connect your new Bromic Patio Heater and its components. Installing a gas or electric patio heater requires extensive knowledge of home construction and your chosen power source. 

For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, we highly recommend contacting a professional installer before connecting and using your Bromic Patio Heater for the first time.

3. Bromic Patio Heaters Expand Your Usable Space

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons to consider a Bromic Patio Heater is the ability to expand your home or business’s usable living and gathering space. With a Bromic Heater, you’ll be able to take the indoors outdoors all year round, regardless of where you live or where your business is located. One of the main reasons for this is the heating radius or heat blooms produced by Bromic Patio Heaters. 

How to get more out of your outdoor living space

Bromic Patio Heaters Heating Radius (Heat Blooms)

Adding a Bromic Heater to your home’s outdoor space means you’ll be able to enjoy more time outside. This is due in large part to the heating radius, also called heat blooms, produced by a Bromic Patio Heater. Heating radiuses for electric patio heaters are determined by wattages.

Bromic Patio Heater Radius

As you can see, a 2000-watt Bromic Tungsten Patio Heater is capable of heating 65 ft2, but for gas patio heaters, this number is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs).

For example, a gas patio heater that puts out 48,000 BTUs per hour should comfortably heat a space of approximately 200 ft.2 in size. Of course, this depends on the type of heater, the fuel source and other factors such as placement of your heater, ambient air temperature and wind conditions just to name a few.  

A higher wattage for your Bromic Electric Outdoor Patio Heater means a larger heating radius or heat bloom. Likewise, the lowest available wattage will produce the smallest heat bloom and won’t be able to heat large spaces as effectively. Bromic Electric Patio Heaters are available in different wattages and varying sizes. 

To give you a better idea of their heating capabilities, here are the four Bromic Tungsten Electric Patio Heaters wattages and heating radiuses: 

  • Bromic Tungsten Electric 2,000 watt heats 65 ft2  

  • Bromic Tungsten Electric 3,000 watt heats 100 ft2

  • Bromic Tungsten Electric 4,000 watt heats 130 ft2 

  • Bromic Tungsten Electric 6,000 watt heats 160 ft2

With wattages ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 watts with heat blooms ranging from 65 square feet to 160 ft2, you can see the Bromic Tungsten Patio Heaters are suitable for all sizes of patios or outdoor areas. Of course, these specs are specific to only one of the Bromic Outdoor Patio Heater collections, but nonetheless offer you a look at what can be expected from buying a Bromic Heater.

Remote Controls for Bromic Patio Heaters  

When it’s already cold or chilly outside, the last thing you want is to go outside and wait for your patio heater to warm your outdoor space while you sit on cold patio furniture. All Bromic Patio Heaters including gas, electric and portable models come with options to add a remote control. Bromic Outdoor Electric Patio Heaters come with options to add two types of remote controls – on/off and dimmer remotes.

Bromic On/Off Remote Control

The on and off remotes for Bromic Patio Heaters with two heating elements offer dual-element controls, meaning you can control each individual heating element with your remote. This gives you added control over your outdoor space’s temperature as well as added luxury.

Bromic Outdoor Electric Patio Heaters also have an option to add a dimmer remote that allows you to quickly change the heat output in small 1% increments or large 25% increments – the choice is yours. The incredible level of versatility coupled with the different design options for a Bromic Patio Heater makes expanding your usable living space onto your outdoor patio possible any time of year.

Bromic Remote Control -  Dimmer Remote Control

One of the best aspects to upgrading your Bromic Patio Heater by adding a remote control is you’ll be able to mount your remote where it’s convenient. Both on/off remotes and Bromic dimmer remotes give you complete control over your Bromic Outdoor Electric Patio Heater and the best part is you can mount these controls on an inside wall. 

Bromic Remote Control for the wall

Adding a wall-mounted remote control for your Bromic means you won’t ever have to step foot out in the cold before enjoying your outdoor space again. You can also adjust your Bromic Patio Heater from inside your home or business to quickly accommodate the needs of your guests or visitors. Simply fire up your Bromic Heaters from the warmth and comfort of your home and step out onto an already warm, toasty patio or outdoor area – now that’s true outdoor luxury!   

Shop for Bromic Patio Heaters at Fireplace Doors Online

Without a doubt, Bromic Patio Heaters are one of the top outdoor heating solutions for your home, restaurant, hotel, rental property or commercial warehouse. No more worrying about the cold weather rendering your outdoor space useless several months out of the year. With versatile mounting options, award-winning design features and industry-leading heating radiuses, you’ll love the many ways a Bromic Patio Heater enhances your outdoor quality of life.

At Fireplace Doors Online, we proudly recommend Bromic Patio Heaters. As one of only a couple brands of patio heaters we carry, Bromic Patio Heaters definitely get the FDO seal of approval.

We carry Bromic Outdoor Patio Heaters to match a range of environments and settings plus meet all of your outdoor heating needs. From large outdoor spaces at hotels and restaurants to small residential patios and decks, we carry a Bromic Patio Heater designed to fit your space and keep you warm all year round. 

Browse the Bromic Tungsten Patio Heater collection, available in gas and electric options, as well as the Bromic Platinum Patio Heater collection available in the Fireplace Doors Online store. 

Need help finding the right Bromic Patio Heater to match your home or business?

Contact us online or by calling 888-986-1535 to speak with one of our dedicated professionals. 

Last updated on May 4th 2024.


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