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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Fire Pit Media from Fireplace Doors Online

Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space with the exquisite collection of fire pit media offered by Fireplace Doors Online. Whether you've recently acquired a premium fire feature or are seeking to personalize an existing one, our diverse range of decorative enhancements is designed to cater to your unique tastes. From fire glass and lava rock to gas log sets, cannonballs, and metal art pieces, we provide options that will elevate your fire feature from good to exceptional.

Unmatched Quality and Curation: With a decade-long dedication to scouring the industry for the finest brands and manufacturers of fire pits and accessories, Fireplace Doors Online has curated a selection of high-quality products. Our glass fire pit media collection stands out as one of the best on the market, ensuring durability, style, and performance.

Why Choose Fire Pit Enhancements: Whether you're creating a fire pit from scratch using our popular kits or customizing a prefabricated fire pit, the choice of media plays a crucial role in defining the overall look and performance. While our inventory includes media with many pre-built fire pits, the option to personalize your fire feature with your preferred enhancements remains a popular choice among our customers.

Reasons to Invest in Fire Pit Enhancements:

  • Aesthetics: Customize the appearance of your fire feature to align with your style, whether it's classic or modern. Our range of media options allows you to craft a cohesive outdoor relaxation space.
  • Performance: Fire pit media not only enhances aesthetics but also improves flame performance. Experience a higher and more natural-looking fire as the fuel and flame interact with glass rocks, lava rock, or log sets.
  • Protection: Quality media acts as a shield for burner assemblies and ignition components, protecting them from debris and moisture. This contributes to extending their lifespan and safeguarding your investment.

Types of Fire Pit Enhancements: Explore our broad variety of media options, each catering to different styles and preferences:

  • Fire Glass: A popular choice for a clean, modern look, fire glass refracts and reflects light to enhance the flame's appearance.
  • Lava Rock: A versatile option for gas fire features, lava rock provides a neutral canvas for flame presentation and is available in various sizes and colors.
  • Log Sets: Craft a classic look with decorative log sets that mimic the appearance of a natural campfire, offering both realism and even radiant warmth.
  • Cannonballs: Distinctive ceramic spheres, available in different sizes and colors, providing a unique touch to your fire feature.
  • Metal Art: Make a statement with our selection of metal fire pit art pieces, available in various designs and styles to modernize your outdoor space.

Transform your outdoor haven into a personalized retreat with Fireplace Doors Online's exceptional fire pit media. Elevate your fire feature's aesthetics, performance, and protection, choosing from our diverse range of high-quality enhancements. Craft a unique and inviting outdoor space that reflects your style and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I choose the right fire pit media for my outdoor space?
A: The choice of fire pit media depends on your personal style and outdoor decor. Consider factors such as aesthetics, performance, and the overall look you want to achieve.

Q: Can I use my own fire pit media with a prefabricated fire pit from Fireplace Doors Online?
A: Yes, many prefabricated fire pits in our inventory come with included media, but they can be customized by replacing it with your preferred choice, such as fire glass, lava rock, or log sets.

Q: Do I need to replace the media that comes with my fire pit, or is it sufficient as is?
A: While our fire pits come with quality media, many customers choose to personalize their fire features by selecting their own enhancements for reasons such as aesthetics, performance improvement, and added protection.

Q: How does fire pit media enhance flame performance?
A: Fire pit media, such as glass rocks, lava rock, or log sets, improves flame performance by breaking up the flow of fuel and flame. This results in a higher and more natural-looking fire.

Q: Is there a specific maintenance routine for fire pit media?
A: While most fire pit media requires minimal maintenance, it's advisable to periodically clean debris from the surface. Regular checks ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Q: Can I mix and match different types of fire pit media for a customized look?
A: Absolutely! Our diverse range of media options, including fire glass, lava rock, log sets, cannonballs, and metal art, allows you to mix and match to create a personalized and unique appearance for your fire feature.

Q: Do you provide guidance on compatibility with specific fire pit models?
A: Yes, we recommend checking your owner's manual or removing the original part for comparison to ensure the selected fire pit media is compatible with your specific model.

Q: What benefits does fire pit media offer beyond aesthetics?
A: In addition to enhancing the visual appeal, fire pit media can improve flame performance and act as a protective shield for burner assemblies and ignition components, contributing to the longevity of your investment.

Q: Are there any safety considerations when using specific types of fire pit media?
A: It's essential to follow safety guidelines provided with each type of fire pit media. For example, ensure proper ventilation for gas features and avoid placing flammable materials too close to the flame.

Q: How can I modernize the look of my outdoor space with metal art fire pit pieces?
A: Our selection of metal art fire pit pieces comes in various designs and styles, providing a contemporary touch to your outdoor haven. Choose a statement-making piece that complements your overall aesthetic.


Fire Glass

Create a shimmering "fire and ice" display with our American-made fire glass! This is a stunning alternative to traditional log sets in your fire feature. The cut and texture of each individual tempered fire pit glass piece direct the natural fluidity of the flame as it graces the prisms below. Your fire feature will go beyond the definition of beauty when you embellish it with your choice of colored glass.

We have a vast collection of 1/4 to 1/2 inch fire glass colors, available in packages by weight and in your choice of 10 colors. You'll find a rainbow of solid colors as well as the attractive Sunshine Mix, featuring a variation of red, amber, yellow and orange tempered glass. Our reflective blue fire glass is certainly unique in nature. A layer of reflective material is embedded into each piece of fire glass, appearing transparent from certain angles and much shinier when viewed straight on!

When you add fire glass jewelry to your approved outdoor feature, enjoy these benefits:

  • Outdoor approved and non-toxic! 
  • It does not produce soot, smoke, ash, or fumes of any kind.
  • Tumbled, tempered fire glass can withstand temperatures up to 1300° degrees!
  • Allows gas from the burner to flow effortlessly through your fire feature, without impeding the look and quality of the flames.
  • Colors can be mixed and matched to liven up your feature.
  • Enjoy the glittering display, even during daylight hours!

It can be tricky to figure out how much fire glass is appropriate for use in your fire pit or fire bowl. For help with this matter, check out our handy glass calculator below! 

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, fire glass can be used with natural gas burning features ONLY & colors may differ slightly than what is shown online. Because propane is heavier than natural gas, it will sink to the bottom of your feature. Small pieces of fire glass will not allow propane to circulate, and this could lead to an explosion of this particular media. Even with larger fire glass pieces, there is still not enough room for the gas to dissipate from wind and other factors. Lava rock allows propane to dissipate and is the safest choice for your gas feature. (In addition, it is always a good idea to incorporate lava rock into the bottom portion of natural gas burning features.) Fireplace Doors Online is adamant about this for the safety of our valued customers. Some manufacturers offer specialty components (such as ventilation collars) that make the combination of propane and fire glass compatible. However, this is only offered with limited products.

We recommend covering the burner with a layer of cinders/lava rock. These should be 1" diameter or larger. Glass should then be used as a topping over cinders/lava rock to approximately 2” in depth. This helps save material, money, and allows for safer operation.


Do I need to clean my fire glass?

  • There is no maintenance required. Your fire glass will be free of soot and odors. It will not leave any residue in the bottom of your fire bowl.
    • It is, however, very possible for your gas burner to leave behind a residue of soot if fuel connections were not installed properly (wrong air mixer, malfunctioning gas regulator etc). In that case, you can scoop out small amounts of glass at a time and wash them in a strainer with warm water and a small amount of mild soap. Allow your fire glass to dry completely before replacing it.

Are there any sharp piece of fire glass that might cut me?

  • There is always the possibility of small pieces of glass nicking your hands and fingers. For this reason, we do recommend the use of work gloves when handling fire glass. However, please know that we take every precaution necessary to eliminate this issue to the best of our ability. Our fire glass is tumbled many times to round off the edges and smooth the surface of these pieces.
    • REMEMBER: do not touch fire glass while it is still hot!

What is reflective glass?

  • This type of colored fire glass has a reflective finish on one side. This concept is similar to the reflective backing of a mirror. Adding this element to fire glass allows the media to bounce light off its prismatic surfaces for a shimmery display of sparkle and glitz!



Select your type of Fire Feature

For Square or Rectangle Shaped Fire Pits

Calculate how much fire glass you'll need for a square fire feature

* You can use other fire media to fill most of the fire pit, then cover the remaining 2" to 4" with fire glass.

(A) Fire Pit Width:  
(B) Fire Pit Depth:  
(C) *Fire Glass Height:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


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Link to Fire Glass

For Round or Octagon Fire Pits

Calculate how much fire glass you will need for a round fire feature.

* You can use other fire media to fill most of the fire pit, then cover the remaining 2" to 4" with fire glass.

(A) Fire Pit Inner Diameter:  
(B) *Fire Glass Height:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


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Get Fire Glass

For Standard Fireboxes

Calculate how much fire glass you'll need for a fireplace.

* 2" to 4" of fire glass is the recommended height for fireplace fireboxes and pan burners.

(A) Firebox Front Width:  
(B) Firebox Rear Width:  
(C) *Fire Glass Height:  
(D) Firebox Depth:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


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Our Fire Glass Calculator will help you find the exact amount of fire media you will need for your outdoor feature! Simply choose the shape above that best matches your fire pit, enter the specified measurements of your fire feature, and click "Calculate Your Glass"! You will need to specify how much of a layer of fire glass you would like in your feature. We recommend using 2" to 4" to top of your feature and using lava rock to fill the rest of the feature underneath. The amount of lava rock needed is generally equal to 25 pounds per 1/2 cubic foot of holding capacity. To ensure proper airflow, select lava rock that is at least 1" in diameter. A steel mesh lath may be placed over the lava rock and burner element to hold the layer of fire glass safely in place to prevent it from slipping below the surface.

If you plan on using fire glass with a propane fire feature, we recommend drilling four holes near the base of your feature to allow more air to enter and disperse the gas. Since liquid propane is heavier than natural gas, it has a tendency to sink to the bottom of a feature, potentially causing hazardous buildup. Lava rock will need to be used to fill the base of your feature to provide more air pockets so your gas can circulate and eventually be safely released through the vent holes. If your feature will be placed on a pillar, you will need to ensure it provides proper ventilation.  To use fire glass with propane, fill the base with lava rock, then place a steel mesh lath above the lava rock and burner element, and fill a 2" layer of fire glass on top. 

We offer a range of styles and colors of fire glass and lava rock for you to add that perfect finishing touch! Feel free to browse our selection of fire media and outdoor fire features to find just what you're looking for!