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Match Lit Fire Pit Inserts

Our match light fire pit inserts require the lowest maintenance out of all our fire pit ignition systems while offering no-nonsense design with a fool-proof operation! Simply light your fire with a long-stemmed match or lighter and turn the valve to ignite the gas. Flame height can even be adjusted to create your desired ambiance-- all without the need for electricity or batteries!

Everything is specially crafted from high-quality stainless steel to last for years through all types of weather conditions while resisting corrosion and rust. For easy installation, your gas fire pit kit will arrive fully assembled with all the essentials necessary to get started! Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and burner styles to perfectly suit your match lit fire pit. 


What comes with the match light kits?

  • All match kits include the burner insert along with a valve mounting bracket, valve key, and a 36 inch, whistle-free, flex line.

How do I light my match lit burner?

  • Fast and simple to use with no electricity required! Light a long-stem match next to the burner, insert the flange key into the valve on the flex line and slowly turn the gas on. When lighting your outdoor fire feature, please remember to use caution and face away from the wind.