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Pyroceram Ceramic Glass R12 Specialty Shape Cut

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Short description:
  • Material: Pyroceram Ceramic
  • Thickness: 3/16 inch
  • Tint:Transparent Amber
  • Pattern Cut: R12 Specialty Cut
  • Temperature Rating: 1250°F (677°C)
  • Use On: Wood Stoves & Inserts | Coal Stoves & Inserts | Pellets Stoves & Inserts | Heater Rated Gas Fireplaces & Stoves
  • Don't Use On: Cooktops | Zero-Clearance Fireplace Doors | None Heater Rated Gas Appliances
  • Sizes Larger Than 36" x 20": Call


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The Pyroceram Glass R12 Specialty Shape Cut, suitable for coal, wood, and pellet stoves or inserts (up to 36"), is cut to your specifications. It is crafted from amber transparent ceramic material, making it ideal for handling high temperatures. This ceramic glass, also referred to as Pyroceram, Neoceram, or Robax, can withstand persistent exposure to high heat without damage.

Please utilize a metal tape measure to accurately measure for your custom glass piece. Refer to the above diagram to ascertain the precise measurements we require for appropriately cutting your glass piece. When subject to heat, this Pyroceram glass might expand. Therefore, it is crucial to account for a 1/8" allowance for such an expansion while taking measurements.
Compared to tempered glass, ceramic glass can endure up to three times the heat, with a consistent temperature tolerance of 1292° F. This product is designed to stand up against drastic temperature changes, also known as thermal shock, without breaking. The product's Thermal Shock Rating (TSR) is 1380° F.

Important Notice:
This glass is not suitable for use on cooktops. For safe usage, please restrict its application to:

  • Wood Stoves
  • Wood Inserts
  • Coal Stoves
  • Coal Inserts
  • Pellet Stoves
  • Pellet Inserts
  • Heater-rated Gas Inserts
  • Fireplaces.

Please abide strictly by these guidelines to avoid any unfavorable incidents. Thank you.

Ceramic Glass Handling Guidelines & Suggestions:

Keep in mind that glass expands with heat. When ordering your glass cut, please ensure it's at minimum 1/8" smaller than the mounting surface. This small allowance facilitates safe thermal expansion. Our company is not liable for breakage that results from inaccurate calculations.

If your existing ceramic glass sheet is undamaged and you can gather all required dimensions for your custom rectangle cut, feel free to use this glass for measurements. That said, we highly encourage cross-checking your measurements against the mounting surface for an absolutely accurate fit.

Remember, metal screws and mounting pieces also expand when exposed to high temperatures. To avert any damage to your glass when your appliance is in operation, please refrain from over-tightening the hardware. We are not liable for any breaks resulting from hardware that's been secured excessively tightly.


At Fireplace Doors Online, we take great care to provide top-quality pyroceram ceramic glass to our valued customers. These glasses are tailored to meet your specific size requirements. We provide a guarantee that the glass product you order will adhere to stipulated standards and will be devoid of any materials or workmanship defects at the time of shipment.

Please note, however, that the Fireplace Doors Online warranty does not cover the product's performance or how it is used by the customer post-purchase. The assembly, installation, and usage of the glass product are entirely up to you, the customer. Due to this, we cannot be held responsible for any breakage, damage, or malfunction of the product resulting from incorrect installation or if the glass does not have enough room to expand when heated.

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Last updated on July 20th 2023.



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