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DuraTech 10" to 24" All Fuel Double Wall Chimney Pipe System

The DuraTech 10"-24" All Fuel Double Wall Chimney Pipe System by DuraVent is a high-performance solution designed to meet the needs of large-scale residential fireplaces and building heating appliances. This robust chimney system is rigorously tested and certified to ensure exceptional durability, safety, and efficiency. With UL 103 and ULC S604 listings, DuraTech offers peace of mind for both American and Canadian users.


High-Temperature Performance: DuraTech chimney is engineered for continuous operation at temperatures up to 1000°F and can withstand exposure to temperatures of 1700°F for ten minutes, in strict accordance with the UL 103 test standard. This outstanding thermal resistance ensures reliability and longevity.

Versatile Applications: DuraTech Chimney is suitable for a wide range of residential heating appliances, including wood fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, ranges, and more. It can be used with appliances fueled by oil, gas, coal, or wood, provided they are tested and listed for use with a UL103 chimney system.

Materials and Construction

  • Inner and Outer Wall: DuraTech chimney pipes with diameters ranging from 10" to 24" feature a durable .027" 430 stainless steel inner wall and an outer wall made of either .029" galvalume or .027" 430 stainless steel, depending on the specific requirements.
  • Insulation: A Thermal Tech (ceramic refractory) blanket insulation is strategically encased between the inner and outer walls to enhance thermal performance and safety.
  • End Rings: Stainless steel end rings are utilized to effectively seal the pipe connections, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.
  • Clearances: To maintain fire safety, DuraTech chimney requires only a 2" clearance to combustible materials, providing flexibility in installation while prioritizing safety.
  • Shrouds: DuraTech is UL Listed with DuraVent shroud specifications. Detailed shroud information can be conveniently accessed online at or by contacting DuraVent directly and requesting L151 documentation.
  • Diameters: DuraTech chimney pipes are available in various diameters, including 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", and 24". This extensive range accommodates a wide array of venting needs and system configurations.
  • Listings: DuraTech 10"-24" All Fuel Double Wall Chimney Pipe System is c-UL-us Listed to both UL 103 and ULC S604 standards, affirming compliance with the highest safety and performance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can DuraTech Chimney be used with wood-burning appliances?
A: Yes, DuraTech Chimney is suitable for wood fireplaces and other wood-burning residential appliances, provided they are tested and listed for use with a UL103 chimney system.

Q:  What is the advantage of Thermal Tech insulation in DuraTech Chimney?
A: The Thermal Tech insulation enhances thermal efficiency, making the chimney system highly resistant to extreme temperatures, ensuring a safe and efficient venting solution.

Q: Where can I find information on DuraVent shroud specifications?
A: Detailed shroud specifications can be accessed online at or by requesting L151 documentation from DuraVent directly.

Choose the DuraTech 10"-24" All Fuel Double Wall Chimney Pipe System for a dependable and versatile venting solution that meets the highest safety and performance standards, ensuring the efficient operation of your heating appliances.