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Did you know that all of our fireplace doors are custom made to fit your fireplace?

Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors

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Have an older pre-fab fireplace unit? It's time to upgrade! Here at FireplaceDoorsOnline, we have a wide selection of fireplace doors for your pre-made (or zero-clearance) fireplace. Our doors, which meet the ventilation requirements set by manufacturers, allow for the proper amount of air to enter the firebox. When installed properly and maintained, our zero-clearance fireplace doors will keep your family safe, warm and cozy for the chilly weather.

Remember, it is essential that you get the right door for the right fireplace. Not all doors are made for zero-clearance fireplaces, which require an air exchange between the inner firebox and outer cabinet. The wrong fireplace door could spell disaster for your home.

Please note that if you buy a fireplace door from a big box store (such as Lowe's or Home Depot), it has to be approved for zero-clearance fireplaces. To the best of our knowledge the fireplace doors sold by these companies are not zero-clearance fireplace doors. We cannot stress enough that installing non- approved equipment on your fireplace could have very serious consequences for you, your family and your property.