ZC Fireplaces Cross Reference

If you're not sure what size replacement fireplace doors you need, then you've come to the right place! Above, you'll find a list of the most common fireplace manufacturers in the industry today. Simply click on the manufacturer and you'll see a list of fireplace models, followed by approximate measurements. We ask that you please double check the measurements on your fireplace, as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Cross Reference Table. This is because some customers have custom-made fireplaces. In other cases, the manufacturer sometimes makes changes to the dimensions associated with the fireplace.

That being said, this table can be used as a starting point for determining the correct size of your new fireplace door. Let us explain how to easily use the cross reference table:

  1. Determine what brand your factory built fireplace is.
  2. Locate the model number. (This number may be on the metal tag above the firebrick on the left or right side. It could also be behind your mesh curtain. If you still have the owner's manual for your factory built fireplace, it will be stated there.)
  3. Click on 'manufacturer' (above) and find your model number on the proceeding page. After the model number, you will see the firebox opening size.
  • Remember: this should be used as a guide only. Some manufacturers change the sizes associated within the models. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK!

For more information on How To Measure For Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors, check out our easy to follow instructions and informative video! You can also submit a SnapShot Quote and let us help you determine exactly what you need!

It is the customer's responsibility to double and triple check measurements! The Cross Reference Table may not show correct measurements, and we do not guarantee accuracy.