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The Davenport and Kinderhook Freestanding Pellet Stoves by Hudson River qualify for the
Federal Tax Program!  

Beginning in 2021, consumers buying highly efficient wood or pellet stoves or larger residential biomass heating systems will be able to claim a 26% tax credit that is uncapped and based on the full cost (purchase and installation) of the unit.



Pellet Stoves for Your Home

In the cold areas of the world, heating units within are a great source to avoid the high heating costs. Luckily, a freestanding pellet stove with inserts that fits inside an existing fireplace is the best kind of solution. At first, a pellet stove looks like a traditional wood stove but functions more like a modern furnace. Interesting, right? 

Now, having trouble looking for an insert or a freestanding pellet stove for your house? We are here to help! There are three major types in which you can select from. These varieties are price-friendly and reliable.  

Types of Home Pellet Units

The Traditional Pellet Stove 

The traditional pellet stove is a type of fireplace insert that comes with a standard loading feature. It is easy to use and to refill and can also help with heating costs! This suits auxiliary heating that is the same with a wood stove or a fireplace.

The Automatic Pellet Boiler

The automatic pellet boiler is more modern than a traditional pellet stove. It has an automated loading mechanism that can serve as the main power source. 

The Stove-Pellet

The stove-pellet is a type of boiler which heats a space where the actual stove is located. Also, it can provide hot water and can heat more than one furnace!

Another great aspect with heating through a pellet source is, it offers many options you wouldn't see in most heating sources. With gas or oil heating, a pellet stove also has a nifty ignition system.  What’s awesome about having a pellet stove in your household? A pellet stove can do temperature adjustment, programming, and can have a remote control system which can make your life so much easier!

There is no need for a chimney when owning a pellet stove. This kind of stove is fitted with an active smoke withdrawal system through a blower system. 

A pellet stove can go to 90% proficiency power or more to ensure that you can increase the efficiency upon using it.
Pellet stoves are long-lasting and durable. The pellet reserve in the stove has a surprising capacity of about 12 hours at full power. This means that the stove must only be refilled manually once or twice a day or less depending on your use of this particular stove.

The best part is saved for last! Pellets for a pellet stove are extremely affordable! The use of pellets is relatively low-priced compared with other fuels.

 Fireplace Doors Online is here for you! Please reach out to us at 888-986-1535 with any questions and we will assist you with your pellet stove purchase today!



Are pellet stoves high maintenance?

  • Surprisingly, no. High-quality pellets can have a limited ash pan for cleaning – no hassle included.