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Why Is Hearth Position Important For Masonry Doors?

 Feb 9, 2017    Fireplace Doors, Masonry Doors

Why is hearth positioning important to masonry fireplace doors?Select hearth position buttonWhen purchasing a fireplace door for your masonry fireplace, it's very important to let Fireplace Doors Online know what your hearth position is. We have a question on each and every masonry door (see selection box, right) asking for the hearth position, and we often get questions from customers asking why we need that information. Let me explain why.

When we custom-make a fireplace door for you, we need to know two extremely important things:

  1. The dimensions of your fireplace (width, height, and depth).
  2. Is your fireplace able to hold the door up?

Most fireplaces have a traditional hearth that sits outside the firebox, allowing the masonry door to sit on the stone; however, there are many others that either has no hearth or have one that is higher or lower than the norm.  

When you have a hearth that is higher or lower than what is considered "normal" - there are no worries.  We will custom make the door with a lip, allowing it to sit in your fireplace correctly.  You can see now why knowing what your hearth position is can let us perform these custom "tweaks" to your door.  

If you order your door and discover you accidentally gave the wrong hearth position, there are ways that we can work around this problem without ordering a brand new door. (Since the door was custom made, remember, we can't take it back.) The best way to try and fix that problem, then, is to purchase a suspension bar.  This will lift your fireplace door up, allowing you to get your fireplace door to the correct height for your firebox. 

If you're ever in doubt about what your hearth position is, please give us a call any time at 1-888-986-1535 and we will help you.  You can also send us a photo of your fireplace and hearth so that we can get you a snap quote. Within no more than 3 business days, we'll be able to let you know through email exactly what your hearth position is!

Click on the pictures below to see get an up-close view of the 4 different hearth styles, shown on a masonry fireplace with a square opening!

Fireplace with no hearth (hole in the wall)
Fireplace with flush hearth (level with firebox)
Fireplace with raised hearth (above the firebox)
Fireplace with raised firebox (hearth is below the firebox))
Last updated on September 21st 2020.


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