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Why Do Fireplaces Have Glass Doors?

 Jun 21, 2017    Fireplace Doors, Masonry Doors, Manufactured Doors

Why do fireplaces have glass doors?

Why do fireplaces have glass doors?

Over the years we've had many people ask us this question. There are several benefits to installing a glass door on your fireplace. The list we've compiled below should help you see why we think they are such an integral part of any fireplace.

Although the hearthside & campfire concept has been around for over a million years, glass fireplace doors are relatively new in comparison. Our ancestors used fireplaces to cook three square meals a day and relied on these centerpieces to heat their homes. Modern-day people don't need to be able to cook a side of beef on a spit in their firebox, and most of us only use our fireplaces as an alternative heat source. This has led to some major changes over the years, with glass doors being one of the most important updates for their efficiency, cleanliness, and ability to add beauty to your home.


Consider your fireplace in the same way you would an open window. When your fireplace is not in use, the warm air in the room can vanish through your fireplace and up your chimney. You wouldn't leave your windows open in the middle of winter, so why leave your fireplace uncovered? Glass fireplace doors become a barrier, preventing warm air from escaping in the winter, and keeping cool air inside where it's much appreciated during the summer.


Sooty hands from the fireplace

Just as your room's temperate air can exit up your chimney, without a set of glass doors, winds can come down your chimney, as well.  If your fireplace has ashes in it from your last burn and a strong downdraft makes its way through the chimney, ash will be blown out into your room. Black soot on our carpets is not what any of us want to come home to! Additionally, if you have children or pets, the glass doors prevent them from accessing the dusty cinders and making a mess of themselves and your furnishings.



Installing a glass door allows you to match your fireplace to your home's surroundings. With hundreds of enclosures to choose from, each with multiple finish colors, you are sure to find one that will fit your design needs. Some homeowners get matching fireplace doors and mantel shelves. Some find fireplace doors to match their modern décor, while others have found many styles that blend in with their traditional setting

Which glass fireplace door defines your decorating style?



Last updated on September 21st 2020.


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