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What To Do When You Need A Fireplace Door Fast

Quick, quality doors.

 Nov 18, 2016    Fireplace Doors, Choosing Your Door

What to do when you need a fireplace door fast! Fireplace Doors Online!Do you have any chance of getting a fireplace door fast?

What happens when you need a fireplace door in a hurry?  Looking through Fireplace Doors Online you can see that most of our custom fireplace doors need anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks for our craftsman to create them to fit your measurement and design needs.  Don't despair, though, we do have some options for those that need a replacement fireplace door fast.  You may have to sacrifice some of the custom options for that speed, but you'll get your fireplace door quickly.

"We've had our family pictures taken in front of the fireplace every Christmas for the last 14 years. Yesterday my husband tried to fix the sliding door on it and ended up breaking the entire thing. We need a new door for our fireplace, and fast!  We have to have it here before Christmas so we can get a nice family photo again.  Christmas is only 3 weeks away! Do we have any chance of getting a door before then?"

The Celebrity fireplace door can be shipped out to you quickly!


Fast Shipping Masonry Doors

We have a selection of masonry fireplace doors that we can have shipped out of our warehouse within 5 days of your order.  All of them are overlap fireplace doors with a larger frame, allowing there to be a little more wiggle room in the measurements. This allows us to keep a selection of *standard sizes in our warehouse for us to ship out to you quickly.  

We pride ourselves on offering these fast shipping standard sized fireplace doors at an affordable price for the high quality product that you'll get.  Coming in neutral colors, these fast shipping fireplace doors will fit into any decor - be it rustic or modern.  They also all come with safety tempered glass.  You won't be compromising on style, safety, or quality by purchasing a fast shipping door, that is for sure!

Fast Shipping Zero Clearance Doors

Rainbow Zero Clearance Fireplace Door in Satin NickelWhen it comes to zero clearance or prefab fireplaces, there is no wiggle room for fireplace doors. Zero clearance doors are inside fit doors, so each door has to be to the exact measurements of your firebox. It would be impossible for us to have standard sizes of each firebox on hand since there are millions of different sizes.  There is a possibility, though, that we might be able to find a fast shipping door for your pre-fab fireplace.  

Over the years we've had zero clearance fireplace doors of all different sizes and styles made for our showroom in Warren, PA.  That means we have a large selection of replacement fireplace doors that we've listed in our clearance section. All of the doors in that section are exactly as described, so make sure to read the descriptions on them. Most of them are in perfect condition. A couple may have some scuffs, but we detail it with photos and descriptions. The size we list for the fireplace door must be the exact measurements of your firebox for it to work for you, but we've had many customers find some gorgeous fireplace doors at a major discount by searching through our clearance section.

So you see, there is a way you can get a fireplace door to your home in a very quick way.  We don't recommend waiting until the last moment to make your purchase, but if something comes up and you have to - we can try to find a way to accommodate you with one of these doors.  If you are looking for a replacement fireplace door fast, just give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 or visit our website through the links posted above.

*Standard sizes are still considered non-returnable, so please make sure to measure your fireplace correctly.

Last updated on September 21st 2020.


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