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Water Fountain Parts & Accessories | Swimming Pool Scuppers

The first water fountain is dated back to about 3000 BCE, which is about the same time we as a species began using bronze, writing and creating urban areas. In other words, since the formation of civilization as we know it, we’ve been obsessed with water fountains.

In today’s modern society a water feature is purely for aesthetics, but many people find the sound of water softly running over pebbles or bubbling up from a well placed pump to be very soothing. It’s not uncommon to see a water feature of some sort in a yoga studio, and it’s for that very reason.  Many of us forget that our home should be our sanctuary so we don’t prioritize making it a serene safe place. A water feature is an investment that will raise the value of your home without a doubt, but it also brings the tranquility of the yoga studio or a walk along a creek into your outdoor living space. When your oasis is in your own back yard you don’t have to plan your relaxation according to the yoga studio’s schedule or rush hour.

The Basalt Column Fountain Kit is a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space!Water features aren’t just a plug-in table top fountain that sits on your office desk. It’s anything that moves water, like:

  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • Pool Scuppers
  • Ponds
  • Cascades
  • Waterfalls, or
  • Streams

Of course, you can find ponds, waterfalls and streams in nature, but if you are a DIYer you can create a smaller, manmade pond or artificial waterfall on your own property. Not only will it make a gorgeous addition, it’ll be very attractive to homebuyers. Or, you can upgrade your pool with pool scuppers that’ll provide the soothing sound of running water while you relax by the pool.

Regardless if you are looking for a gorgeous water feature that’s ready to go almost as soon as it comes out of the box or if you are a DIYer intent on making your own backyard waterfall, we can help!