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Highlighting Wall Renovation
To Create an Attractive Home

Remodeling or upgrading walls within your home require a set of important factors. Installing a new decorative wall can include a bit of demo work like removing covers, establishing drywalls, and putting up frames. This seems like a lot of work but we have some helpful tips to make this an easy process for you. You can also always reach out to a professional for your installation needs!

Renovating your walls can be exciting and fun! You can even do the work yourself. To reduce your chance of having a heavy clean-up, cover all furniture and tape plastic over all openings. Make sure to wear a dust mask and protective goggles. Better safe than sorry! 

The Easy Home Guide: Decorative Wall Renovations

Step 1-Repair and Repaint

The first step is always a crucial one. Strict planning is a must. Begin with choosing the best location for your preferred upgraded wall. Determine if any pipes or electrical wires will be affected by the new fitting. Look all over your whole area and examine every detail of it to ensure a smooth install.

Use a hammer to knock those mini holes in the wall and to relocate plumbing and electrical systems. If water system channels are discovered to be in the space of your new opening, try to find another location or ask a professional. Repair those small-sized holes and cracks in the wall to make the walls look new and smooth. You can add some spackle with a putty knife. Apply the spackle to the damaged area until the hole or crack is covered. Let it dry and use sandpaper to sand it down and match the adjoining walls. Then, it’s ready for repainting. 

Repainting your wall with a new color is more fun. The number of splatter gallons you need upon painting depends on the number and size of the walls you will be renovating.  Try to add a textured finish using pressed sponges or drop cloths into the wall paint. 

Tip: If the room you are going to refurbish is for children, you might want to use a chalkboard type of paint to provide a creative wall. It’s an excellent way to add a recreational activity for your children.

Step 2-Stencilling and Projected Image 

Projecting the look you want for wall renovations is important. Use a pattern to form a designed look for your wall. Tape the provided stencil in place and start painting the open areas with a fine quality brush. Trace the framework and sketch the image and make sure you are painting within the right lines. 

Step 3-Wallpaper Application 

Installing wallpaper makes an awesome option for your wall space. If you decide on the wallpaper, follow the directions according to the manufacturer. Some wallpaper providers already have adhesives included, while others require the use of wallpaper paste. You can add wallpaper to one wall or all of the walls. As an alternative, you can also add a border around the topmost or middle part of each wall in the room.

Step 4-Install Wall Panels

Through the help of a few scraps of trims and nails, you can renovate your walls in a low-cost fashion. You need to measure the length of the wall and cut the trim to size. Use the necessary home equipment as a table saw, tape measure, and a nail gun (trust us, it works).  You can use bead boards to make and do a decorative wainscoting design. Nail the boards into spot using a nail gun or paint and stain the sheets if you like.

Step 5-Add Decorative Fabrics

Finish your wall upgrades with some cloth and fabrics. Mix and match patterns and designs to give your wall a little extra pizzazz. Staple the textile to the wall with a staple gun. After doing so, spray starch on the wall to get the fabric to stick nicely and securely. But if you’re looking for a better substitute that will not damage your walls, place a curtain rod on the wall near your ceiling. Dangle the curtain panels on the shaft so that the wall is entirely covered.

Home Owner’s Note: Making DIY Wall Improvements is also reliable and truly effective. You can even save some money doing it yourself!

See, no-hassle, right? It’s an accomplishment knowing that you level up the look of your walls. Just follow these guidelines on doing wall re-decorations, and you’ll have the best time. 





The Most Reliable Kinds of Wall Upgrades

  • Classic Wainscots Kits 
  • Mosaic Wall Tiles 
  • 3D Wall Panels 
  • Faux Sliding 
  • Niches 
  • Decorative Wall Panels
  • Fretwork Type Panels 
  • Iron Craft Wood Corbels 
  • Wood Corbels 
  • Wood Brackets 
  • PVC Brackets 
  • PVC Corbels 
  • Casing and Chair Rail 

We also have a wide variety of decorative wall panels that you will surely enjoy and can help make your homes become more lively!

Wainscot Kits - Make your home feel like something out of a Jane Austen novel with wainscoting kits.

Mosaic Wall Tiles - Create an accent wall or focal point with mosaic wall tiles made of boat wood.

3D Wall Panels - Our PVC 3D wall panels come factory primed and ready to paint. They are waterproof, making them perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Faux Siding - Add the look of a stone wall to your home at a fraction of the cost with faux siding.

Niches - Instead of plaster, our niches are made of urethane. Use them to display flower vases, sculptures, or clocks.

Decorative Wall Panels - Made of PVC, our white wall paneling is waterproof and can be installed just about anywhere: walls, ceilings, doors.

Fretwork Panels - They can add beautiful lattice-like work to any accent wall, niche, or space that's lacking in texture. They are inspired by Islamic, Arabic, Indian, and Moroccan architectural elements. 

Tips for doing Wall Renovations

Unexpected scenarios can happen so let us help make things move smoothly with your renovation. So, to help you better prepare when such scenarios occur, we put a little something together for you.


Removing Process 101: Cut along the lines with a countering saw or standard drywall saw in the hoops' hollow parts. Try to use the shortest possible edge on the reciprocating saw. Next, hold it at a slight upward angle while cutting. This way, it minimizes your chances of hitting the opposite wall as it moves in and out. Then, slowly knock a hole in the drywall with a strong hammer to pull-out the saw blade. Push it in deeply and press the base in a firm manner against the wall exterior. Keep the firm pressure against the drywall while operating the saw. The said force will avoid vibrations that can damage the wall. 


Use the same method described above to outline an opening. Plaster is very brittle so to minimize damage to the surrounding wall, tape along the outer edge of the outline with masking tape. Next, score the outline using a drywall knife or the side of a sharp chisel. Score repeatedly and deeply (an eighth-inch or more) to encourage the plaster to break cleanly along the line. The plaster putty coat is very abrasive and will dull a knife blade very quickly, so plan on replacing the blades as needed when using a drywall knife for scoring.

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How much is the cost of a total wall renovation?

Depending on your choice for your wall renovation, the pricing varies greatly. It is best to quote out the price of items prior to purchase. We have prices listed on all products and as always a team of professionals that are a phone call away!