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Top Wall Decors That Can Totally Beautify Your Home Walls 

When it comes to decorating your house, the chances of walls being left behind is – more or less – high. For most homeowners, investing in décor pieces for tables and furniture is their usual move. That’s quite dismaying but never forget that your walls take most of the space of your house. Like ceilings, the walls of the home surround the whole vicinity. So, it is only essential to give life to these spaces somehow. That’s why wall décors are good help!

Most Stylish Wall Décor Pieces That You Can Use & Their Best Décor Zones

Remember, one of the best ways to highlight a home wall style is with a set of statement pieces. Regardless of whether you're fond of photographs or paintings, showcasing wall décor never fails to add interest to a home.

So, ready for some moving inspiration to transform your blank wall once and for all? Guess today is your lucky day because we are to the rescue! Below is a roadmap of top accents to give your wall interiors the impact it asks for.

If you’re ready to go and transform blunt walls into its most fashionable and decorative version, keep on reading!

- Décor 1: Wall Clocks

Who says clocks cannot be a cool décor for walls? Clocks are the typical accents that you can use as part of your wall design. Aside from telling time, these items have their distinct appearance, which made them the lead décor of this list. Come on, what’s a house without a clock, right?

Best Part In The House To Put It: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Entryways, Dining Areas, and Kitchen Areas

- Décor 2: Art Décor

Turning your walls into a self-made gallery is not a bad thing. Whether you want to use a kitchen wall décor or hang a wall sculpture on your entryway, it’s all worthy! There’s a lot of art pieces that are exquisite in looks, which makes your walls fascinating. Also, they are all versatile, so you don’t need to worry about putting the best. Well, except for your storage room or garage – HAHA kidding!

Best Part In The House To Put It: Everywhere

- Décor 3: Photos and Frames

Like having good lighting, frames and photographs are a good styling pair to be mounted on your walls. It makes a particular space special and really precious. So, making your own walls into a home studio results in a lovely output.

Best Part In The House To Put It: Bedrooms and Living Rooms

- Décor 4: Textiles

Showcasing fabrics to remove the bareness of your walls is a trend nowadays. A fun way to do it is by matching different textiles and styling them as draperies or just décor. From silk to woven fabrics – they can surely give walls a wonderful face!

Best Part In The House To Put It: Living Rooms and Bedrooms

- Décor 5: Decorative Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall - they can make your interiors the fairest of them all. If that isn’t true, then we don’t know the best way to describe these charming pieces!

Best Part In The House To Put It: Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Living Rooms

- Décor 6: Wall Signs and Stickers

Wall signs and stickers are probably the cutest among all décor examples in this list. They are effortlessly stylish decorations that you can place anywhere on your house walls. Just make sure that the sign is clear and well suited for the area you’ve been sticking on!

Best Part In The House To Put It: Everywhere

- Décor 7: Natural Accents | Greeneries or Floras

People can turn their walls into a galleria; having a walled garden is also a smooth option. Simply, you can put wall climbing greeneries and installed them on wall planters. Imagine how cool that would be!

Best Part In The House To Put It: Dining Areas and Living Rooms

- Decor 8: Wall Hooks or Wall Item Organizers

For some, hooks, as well as organizers, are not much decorative as the others. These add-ons are mainly used for de-cluttering stuff and making things in order. However, these home products are no longer boring. Today, even wall hooks are designed with cool details that you can entirely use as a wall furnishing.

Best Part In The House To Put It: Entryways, Kitchen Areas, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

- Décor 9: Wall Panelling

Panels can also create a modish touch to walls depending on the materials they are made of. Usually, wooden wall panel sheets are the best ones that most homeowners use for decorating. Apart from giving your walls a pretty look, paneling can also secure your space for good.

Best Part In The House To Put It: Everywhere

Other Wall Decal That You Might Want To Try:

- Calendars

- Boards particularly Chalkboards, whiteboards, or even cool glass boards

- Maps

- Plates

- Hampers

- Home Appliances

Using the following accents will surely liven the flatness of your walls at home. With their individual wits plus your décor skills, the walls of your home will have its own flair as its final result. However, achieving such mastery is more than having impressive styling moves but also knowing the basics. Never underestimate the power of simple yet easy flowing factors upon decorating a space. Through these tips, you can avoid possible nuisances and unwanted errors during the styling process. Now, adding to this guide are few yet effective notes to consider on embellishing your walls. Check it out!

Easy To Follow Tips On Using Wall Décor At Home

  • Go large and wide.
  • Be minimalist yet stay classy – if you want less, that’s fine! Wanting to stay low profile even with wall ornaments still necessitates you to come up with subtle but striking pieces. If you want a minimalist look with your walls, you can try matching accents in different shades and sizes. In this way, it will still look good and fashionable.
  • Be grand yet stay in balance – there’s nothing wrong with being eclectic; you just have to remain poise upon mixing your wall accents. Unlike a minimalist type of wall theme,
  • Plan a specific theme to follow – choose among vintage, pop, modern and more designs. It’s way easier to style when you have a clear visual plan of your concepts.
  • Turn your walls into an actual mural art – show off some painting skills. Though mounting art pieces on your walls is a major show stopper, you can still add some details on your walls. Making your wall space, you own huge canvas is a good way to revamp your interiors.

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Are wall décor accents more expensive than the usual home décor?

  • Well, it depends on a lot of factors. The price of a décor – for walls or not – varies on the size, design and even its based materials. In addition, the shop where you will purchased your décor affects the total cost that you will spend.